Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 21

It's school christmas pageant day... although they will call it some pc thing... being a public multi denominational, wildly spanned ethnic melting pot of little kiddies and giant puffy winter jackets. (no really... the adorable little korean kids that come to school in a shirt and tie... melting time...)
Edward is singing in a choir... but I suspect - based on our rehearsals last night - that what I should be saying is "Edward will be whispering lyrics with a gang of other kids" and he will look like a tiny blonde angel. :)
George, meanwhile, has been practicing his lines... his class is re-enacting a scene from Narnia... and he's Mr. Tumnis. :) I don't think there's costumes.
The video camera is ... charging charging charging. :)

It's a very cold day... -21 when the boys left for school, but it'll warm up somewhat... that's 21 below zero without any dorky "wind chill" added... so, if you can blow those little spit bubbles that float away from the tip of your tongue (no really... I can... lot's a'people can) ... they will freeze before they hit the ground.
(lovely eh. :D)

~ black stripee ftls
~ black cotton cargos... well, ok... treacle
~ strong bad T!! (hi kimberly)
~ dk blue ski sweater...
~ work at home in the morning...
~ go to kids school in the afternoon... :)
~ video video video...
~ quick shopping bonanza with z - alright, not a bonanza... one store.
~ home for dinner and... er, well dunno... no plans. :D
~ to send very heartfelt wishes of hope out to jenbibi and her mom... !!
~ that a very kind heart... ossie, manages to find some better vibes today.
~ I had "at that moment" picture of Punky Brewster... er... wolfiegirl
~ to congratulate dishpan_nipples on the delivery of her baby.... (bwahahaha... ok ok sorry... you started it)
~ oh, and a few more congrats to aeue who has her first nephew. Be well little preggers bowl of PEI Sugar!

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday thinktink!... and you're younger than you can imagine! :) I hope the year ahead is grand and that ... where ever you are... you're enjoying christmas.
And to sweet Mell too! Happy Birthday mellusions! May you find all kinds of great reasons to never forget this years birthday.
... and Little Miss E... indianasweetie... Happy Birthday sugar... I hope the year ahead brings you some new reasons to laugh and dance around with smiles all over the place!

Now for something completely different...
As the story of the American Invasion of Iraq unfolded and then dragged on across the span of years there has been a great and terrible cry of foul from all corners of the peanut gallery. My little corner of the universe, clearly... but more importantly from all the major international news medias. There has also been all kinds of praise... some of it obviously part and parcel of the big propaganda machine but others were clearly organic reports of the good things being achieved, let alone the obvious "good deed of the day" in rousting that nut bar, Sadam, from his padded throne for the comfort of a padded cell.
There is no denying the legitimate criticism of this "War"... yet, every time an official representative of the US government comes on the tube... whether it's the president himself, the VP, or any one of the other senior members of the white house staff... we get a new message about the entire deal.
I would suggest that the biggest political failure of this war... aside from it's existence at all... has been the total lack of a compelling and consistent story from the White House.
"Mission Accomplished" to "It'll be another ten years." and "We're in the final throws..." or "We're here until we're done..."
I mean... come on! Talk about being your own worst enemy. The communication from the White House has been peppered with silly glee club like positive attitudes, dire warnings of impending doom, grand presentations and pronouncements... yet nobody has any freaking idea what the hell is going on and when it will be over, let alone what "over" will actually ever really mean.
And there's no going back and yelling "Do over!"

So how's all that great humanitarian aid and infrastructure rebuilding going? Helping people get water? ... fixing up electrical systems... building schools, houses... establishing social order and supporting a restart to economic prosperity? Yessiree... Those Iraqi's have all kinds of help from the United States Government... and they continue to attack the "helpers" with suicide bombers and kidnappings every day.
... and... how are things going in New Orleans?
Yeah... not so much eh.

Having trouble finding the christmas spirit?
You're not alone... but rest assured... it's out there and it's waiting for you.
All you have to do is let one or two truly selfless thoughts ... a couple of warm wishes...
and maybe even a little wee bit of love... into your heart and I'm betting you'll be saying,
It's the one time a year that people get infected with the notion that we are not islands...
We are connected... and we are amazing!!
We can do wonderful things for one another and ourselves.
And people just seem to get that a little more readily at this time of year.
That is the christmas spirit. Reach for it.
We are not islands, we are people... all of us.

~ ding... time to fly. :)
See ya.

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