Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

marginally interesting...

I had dropped potato chips about 12 months ago? and peanuts about 8 on the anecdotal evidence of my observations tracked in my headache journal (just a way to track what I eat, experience, medicins etc. and my headaches).
In the last few days I've totally verified that these steps were spot on!
Two handfulls (hands - full / handfulls?) of cashews at the party the other night.... headache during the following day. Needed advil just to get by and it was over by the dinner hour.
Tonight... when giving the boys a snack... I hand-to-faced some very yummi hostess bbq chips. Just a small handful... and in about 30 minutes I'm massaging the very sore spot on the back of my neck and head... it came on like gangbusters and receeded just as fast... but left a little ouch behind.

Nuts and chips... totally off my diet forever.
... and I fricking love cashews.
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