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Day is done... :)

~ anyone know about kitchen steamers? Not the "on the counter rice steamer" variety, but the ... "beside the wall oven" really fancy ass Steamers.

~ what is the deal with ALIAS....???? has it been on?

~ every now and then I fuck up a keystroke... usually involving the "alt" key... and PRESTO... all the key mappings are messed up. I've only recently realized that whatever I do, switches the geek from ENGLISH US to Italian (Italian and several other languages are - for some unknown dumb ass reason - on the list of available languages installed on my work laptop. So... shift-' to get the "~" becomes a back "pipe" and blah blah blah ... insanity. The problem is... that I don't watch when I type... well, at least, not all the time... so I look back and GAHHHHHHHHHHH! WTF?? a screen full of weirdness. No idea what I press to get there... (Italian key mappings) but I have to mouse click the language glyph and reset it to ENGLISH US.

k... now it's time to go and try to get home a bit earlier than usual... well, not so much home... but en'route. I want to stop and buy tickets to a play at the local theater (Dragon Slayer at the Ron Maslin Playhouse) for a showing between christmas and newyears. Truly good family fair... to see live musical plays with your kids... is the stuff of inspiration. :)

See ya.

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