Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Dear Gamer Collective...

~ advice... info... needed.

My 14 year old nephew is gunning for Worlds of Warcraft for christmas.
His mom (my SIL) is fixing to buy it.

She upgraded their home pc last year... she bought a decent Dell P4 (socket 775 3.0 ghz) and the video is an xpress ATI of some sort or another that came with the dell.

What are the minimun spec's they can get away with for the game... ?? I mean, I know I can read the web site or the box and see the published specs... but what does your experience tell you is min?
What about the game itself? It's it spot on or bug city?
Has it been taken over by the uber-lords yet? or is it still noob playable?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. :D

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