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Friday, December 16

Holy Snow.
Wake up and the first thing I hear is the radio saying "all school buses are canceled throughout the region". ug... driving kids to school on a killa snow day. sigh.
If I didn't absolutely have to be at work... i would definitely have stayed home!!

On the brighter side of life... I had an absolutely perfect sleep. :) I was out cold by 1:15 and I slept like a baby. I recall being awake at 3:00 thinking it was morning. But I usually wake up to pop out the NTI thing (tooth grinding guard thing) and pass back out. But it was soooo cuddly warm in bed.

I bought Z a king sized electric blanket last year at christmas. It died last week and ... that totally rots! Z, the most organized woman in the known universe, had the receipt, and it was bought on the 20 of december... so we're under a year. :D :D I took it back to sears and after a short wait while green-sales-lady verified that indeed, the store policy is FULL REFUND WITHIN A YEAR. I got the full refund and bought a new one. :) Yummy warm.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans [ :: fresh out of the dryer!! :: ]
~ beige t, darker dress shirt... and a tommy sweater!
~ ahhhh... physio therapy maybe?
~ wake up, shower, shave, dress, and get into snow gear, and go shovel laneway...
~ re-enter house as a ball of sweat. I should have saved the shower, shave deal till after I shoveled.
~ feed kids, wave to Z (she had to go in early)... wave again after she gets "unstuck" on the road out front...
~ drive kids to school and then drive for two hours to get to work... FUCKING SNOW. ...
~ finish a project plan document, get it into client boss's hands... and then? GO HOME.
~ I gotta be at the kids school by 3:15 ... no buses today...
~ for a wee break to find my friend raherrier, and her mom...
~ and that dinkydo manages to clean up a little of that mess. :)

Every single time I see a picture of Madonna from any contemporary source... she looks like a skanky middle age hooker.
She looks like nobody has heard her fart for at least eight years. Just say'en...
Oh... and I bet if she wanted she could take Clay Aiken home and use him as a PPD (personal pleasure device)... just feed him some chocolate and I bet his little plastic self starts to shake... er... vibrate.

So far the Canadian federal election has brought Canadians the spector of American involvement, Liberals making stupid new promises about gun control, Conservatives blathering on about changing "everything" and then shooting themselves with the Same Sex issue and the NDP seem to be rushing about in the background saying the opposite of whatever the liberals say but trying to sound different than the conservatives but not so much that they start agreeing with the liberals and er... well the NDP are just running around in circles a lot. Bottom Line: A minority liberal government again unless the Conservatives find a lynch pin to pull in which case it will be a Conservative minority. either way... canadians win but waste a lot of money getting there... (Canada needs minority governments for a few years!!!)

May I just say... it always floors me when the christmas cards start showing up. I love that you guys are so giving that you take the time to include my wee family in your thoughts. As is my usual modus-operendi (butchering latin... fun eh?) I bought forty dollars in stamps and kinda randomly selected that many friends to shoot christmas cards too... I would love to send everyone a card... but ... I just can't. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your kindness. :D :D :D

Have a wonderful Friday muchachos y muchachas... :)

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