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Wednesday, December 14 (11 days !!)

Holy crap it's cold!!! A car beside me on the road caught some wind, froze solid and shattered into a million pieces killing everyone inside... er... ok, no... didn't happen, but damn... It's bazzingly cold out there. My steering column turns to Styrofoam when it gets this cold and it makes a horrid squeeeeeeeeeeek when I turn. Three cheers for driving in straight lines!!!
pump up the volume...
Painter dude has today... and tomorrow (I think) left. We live in a world of tarps, paint buckets and walls we aren't allowed to touch. Oh, and windows... all the blinds and drapes are down in the affected areas... and we still live in the land of "neighbor is 4 feet away"... so ya feel a bit exposed with all the drapes down. We're painting in anticipation of the sale of our home... and no doubt we'll love the paint job and wonder why we're moving. :)
drop the needle on the record...

~ green ftls
~ khaki cargos...
~ dk blue t under a huge turtleneck...
~ wake up for a nice normal morning ... listen to the news and hear about a farmers protest planned to snarl rush hour traffic and kick it into high gear and get the hell out of dodge... (home) before 8:00. :)
~ meet with client boss for a half hour and shuffle deliverables... weee... scope? what's scope baybee...
~ busy sorting out how that boss meeting changes life for the rest of the day...
~ home to make a big chicken dinner ...
~ write about AR from last night... (I'm so happy they won!!)
~ my hosting company would get their shit together...
~ the hole in my mouth would heal up and I would stop getting food bits stuck in it... (yes, I know... ewwwww)
~ that ectv manages to feel a wee bit better... and fast!
~ to send out the powers of the great and powerful oz... to help out lorena_b
~ and to send a few good vibes out to ladytess... just 'cuz.

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday Nikki Stacks... you are such a sugar snack. *(wolfiegirl). May the year ahead keep you and your wonderful family in the best of health and give you all kinds of great reasons to be giggly and goofy happy. You are a hard working mom and such a wonderful bit of spirit ... it's just a treat to have you in my world. :D I hope you world treats you with all the care you deserve little sugar.

I can't turn on the "talk radio" or pick up a paper, without reading how one Christian group or another is either angry at the interplay of Political Correctness with Christmas or is celebrating the notion that someone is calling a christmas tree a "Christmas Tree" again...
Dear Religious everybody... you're supposed ownership of Christmas... is so far from the mark that it scares me.
Chirstmas is so amazingly not a christian religious event that it's not funny. Please stop trying to hijack it.

Christmas is much more than the arbitrary date selected to celebrate the birth of a theoretical person.
It is a brief moment in time that we set aside to renew... to rekindle...
the bits of us that make the world a better place.
Christmas belongs to children... and is only on loan to the rest of us.
In our stewardship, we should be responsible enough to treat the occasion with respect.
And stop trying to tie it all up in a pretty package addressed to the church.

Thank you Mr. Watkins, formerly (R) Rep for the wonderful state of South Carolina, currently ... US Ambassador to Canada.
You're Bush Lap Dog impersonation at the news conference was wonderful.
However, you're talk of how friends should treat one another, is hypocritical and pathetic.
Go home to your Bush and tell it to pay it's debts... and in the mean time,
please don't expect threatening Canada to get you anywhere... as shat!

the thing I hate about the real world... is that it's inappropriate to reach out to strangers and acquaintences who are - in one way or another - hurting.
I mean, sometimes you can... and then, only to very considered degrees of comfort and you take all kinds of risks. But you can't gather a coworker up in a hug and squeeze 'em till the pain goes away... you can't stop beside a stranger and look deep into their red eyes and tell them how valuable they are.
Everybody is valuable to somebody... and nobody deserves to hurt.
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