Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, December 13

K, you cannot imagine how much my mouth is driving me crazy. The teeth around the now – gone tooth, want to be pressed on. I don’t suppose there is any easy way to explain that. I wear a wee mouth guard at night (NTI)that keeps me from grinding. So there is a natural, daily, desire to “grind” or “clench” to make up for lost time at night... don’t try to understand that... just believe it. :) So add to that the healing that’s going on with the jaw bone around the recently removed tooth and ... like the scab that gets itchy... this tooth zone wants desperately to be “itched”. So while I sit here I am self-talking myself to stop clenching or squeezing the teeth closed and moving them back and forth on the left side... You know, it takes a situation like this... dental surgery, to remind a guy just exactly how powerful the suction pressure a mouth can exert. No need to explain this a nursing mom, who marvels at the notion that her nipple is somewhere down her babies throat! ** And from that... directly to the TMI part... The “hole” is healing up nice... so far. I finished the antibiotics they prescribed and my tongue – which cannot stop moving to the hold – feels the small cavern and there is no “pain” or “hot” associated with it... (which would worry me about infection or dry socket, etc...) I swear... the little, soft hole along my gum line, is truly disconcerting.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ white t, short sleeve beige dress shirt... (brrr!)
~ nice green toned tie, and a big honking sweater.!!
~ put up fricking plastic sheets... gah!
~ meet mr. painter dude again
~ light out to work... well, ok, drive Z to work then go to work... but, turn around and drive back to Z’s work to bring her the car-cup she forgot, then ... then go to work.
~ drive downtown to see my “other” client and be mr. smartypants for the morning.
~ go to our company “downtown” office and check mail and stuff...
~ home early afternoon, after picking up Z and going to get her car!!
~ document prep the rest of the afternoon from home. :)
~ Amazing Race Finale tonight? Right?
~ that no1topaz manages to work her way through the work avoidance of others... :)
~ for the dangers that appear out of nowhere to be a little less "close to home" for njtech
~ that canuckgirl is not snowed under...
~ and for the headache gods to leave venusrising alone!

Just say'en... the Bush Administration is being quoted on Canadian radio news as giving "notice and warning" to Canada about dragging them (the US Bush Administration) into the Canadian Federal Election. A few quick thoughts... a) if you paid your stinking debts maybe ... just maybe I'd give a shit what you say. b) you mean you don't want us to use issues related to foreign affairs to become part of what influences our electorate? Holy Pot Calling the Kettle Black Smack Monkey. and c) Don't worry Georgie ... we promise to not elect you.

Radio call in show over the lunch hour on CBC had "gun control and HAND gun control" as a topic and you should have heard the "Norther'er" going on about how gun control targets good folks like him and his fellows who are "fishermen, hunters, and target shooters way out there in back forty". Oh cry me a river. I know - believe me... - that gun control - especially the way it is perceived by the current Canadian administration - will not stop illegal guns and the use of guns in the execution of crime. But, purely from a thematic perspective, Gun Enthusiasts have really got to stop carping and crying and whining and pissing about how some undefined, unimplemented, unfunded, possible, suggested, control mechanism conceived in the crucible of inner city violence is targeting them and their fucking fishing weekends. Hunting with a hand gun is ILLEGAL in Canada... period. Shut up already and stop playing the victim. Pussy.

K... gotta check office mail and then head out... see ya. :)

ps. I was (am) all proud of that survivor finale post... if you watched the show... go read it. :)

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