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well.. another quick rant.. brought to you by Tuesday. (not my day I guess)

seeing as I'm milking away a veritable ocean of negativity today...
Hey, everybody's got to vent sometime... I gonna go for the gusto and get a teeny little sum'thin off my chest...

Flick! ................................................ }ptewch{

Why do some of the peeps on my friends list get such a charge out of going all mental on other peeps in Lj land?
I've never mentioned this before NEVER! (in the open) but the whole "who's on my list" is such pain in the ass... I remove peeps from MY list all the time... I add peeps all the time too... and other than introducing myself to someone that I've just added out of the blue... I don't tell anyone shit about it... I remove peeps for all kinds of reasons... and none of them are anybodies business but my own. And believe me when I say its usually for a reason completely unrelated to whether or not I like them... more than likely its because I'm trying to get some sleep at night and need to trim down the amount of friendz reading I do... nothing personal - BUT IF IT WAS, to dern bad... It's my list.

You can troll all over Lj land and I doubt you will ever find anybody that is more deeply and honestly appreciative of the friendships that have grown here than me... hell, without a word of a lie I can safely say that I have introduced an amazing amount of love into my life through these interactions.

It remains completely beyond me why any of you would take the time to be "pissed off" at another Lj'er or argue about shit. If you got a problem with someone... delete 'em, and move on. Attacking them is really kinda stupid.. don't cha think? Do you people fight with your neighbors like this?

Get over it and move on.
-----------------------> 1010011-1010100-1001111-1010000 : Can you dig it?
Ok, rant over... all done.
Actually, it's super totally over.
I'll never even acknowledge that I said any of this.

(wow.. that felt kinda good! - psssst, hey kid, k'mer... try this. Oh nono, no money! first hit's free!)

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