Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, December 11

It's a dull gray white kinda day out there... no definition in the flat light and ... whiteness... lots of white.
It's not too cold and it's a sunday, so no complaints... a nice day to get laundry folded, putter with a nice dinner, and pay a visit to my folks. :)

We've officially canceled the "Toontown" membership... it was mostly Edward that was diving into it but he seemed to peter out with Runescape grabbing his attention. Now he and Geo are all about using computer time doing the thing. It's been a positive exp (runescape)... Lots of things for the kids to "do" that don't equal ridiculous violence and stress (i.e. most console video games).

We're having a major section of the house painted this week.
The tall walls, halls, stairwells, kitchen, and front hall.
Therefore... all that adorns, must become "stuff in boxes".
It feels truly strange to walk down the stairs with nothing there...

~ black ftls
~ old jeans...
~ p-z v-neck and a seriously old p-z chanielle (sp?) sweater (and yes, I always forget how to spell that... )
~ over to folks house to sort out a geeky problem...
~ more "getting house ready for painting"...
~ cooking a mess of chicken legs for dinner... maybe have my MIL over for dinn...
~ that the smile hisbeauty is wearing... sticks around. :D
~ to send the very biggest congratulations out to alachicky and her new wee baby!!! Welcome Layton! :)

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday muguet_de_mai... !! May the next year bring you and your little angel much happiness and ... many opportunities.

Friday night was a christmas party from Suz's work...
We populated the back room at a local pub and ... this is a large "social work" outfit that runs all the community support programs... they are hilarious. 99.9% women... and they do wonderful, good work... and the christmas parties and a stitch. They insist (and it's fun) on playing all these games...

This was "draw the following christmas scene on the paper over your head... no looking".
All kinds of cute little prizes and food.
Generally speaking... very nice. :)
ps. I won the "draw over your head" thing.

Saturday we kicked up early and went to my companies Childrens Christmas Party.
It was ... huge. (very big company).
They held it at "Cosmic Adventures" and everyone had a great time...
There was a head bonk... (Ed) and a leg scrape (Geo) ... but here was a santa and a gift and tunnels and games and make-your-own-sunday and face-painting and... it was a lot of fun.

and our afternoon was spent out at the "land" and talking to the builder... (builder rep at their "site office" in the model home).
Signing blue prints and change orders and generally ... flipping out. :)

Snapped from the road, towards the property...
The house will be built behind that giant pile of dirt you can see up ahead.
The "property" extends wwwway beyond the farthest tree you can see in the background. :)

Alrighty... time to go play with the munchkins. :)
See ya... have a great sunday.
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