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Survivor XI Update!!

Survivor XI: Guatemala!

Rose Coloured Glasses

Where in... the kids at Camp Chick face up to the curse of the car and Jeff puts a little effort into messing with everyone. It's all estrogen and flapp'en arms now, so the claws come out and the spirit of competition flames up. Greed slips a pair of rose coloured glasses over one pair of eyes and drops the spit-dripp'en-jaws of four others...

Survivor 11... in 11 seconds...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Hi I'm Cindy... Check out my new car!!!!
Oh... bye!

The Details
Cindy's all feel'en left out, what with her alliance looking like a snuff film, but day 34 is a reward day and Jeff trots out the "retread" game with bits of a bunch of other games rolled together. Girls rule even with Lydia dragging herself across the balance beam like a dog doing the ass-across-carpet crawl... Cindy rules most of all and Jeff slams a Pontiac Torrent (SUV - booooo!) on her. It's a curse, so he slams down four more and tells her she can trade in the curse (and the car) to give the other four new Torrents instead. Her torrent doesn't seed at all... she keeps it, and takes Steph on her showcase #1 prize package deal "Here's some raw meat... cook it, and we'll toss in this old man to stare at you too." Rafe expected the car... and got his personal knickers squanked up his ass when Cindy did the "denied" thing... He gets Lydia on side which begs the exclamation "LYDIA? What the hell is she doing still on this show?" Cindy thinks it's a good plan to keep the car and then win the million... really... she's like saying this to the other skinny people... and then telling them how great her new car is. !! Immunity is a shackled, bound, rope maze deal with keys and padlocks... Good ol'Jeff. Steph nails it and cries too. Lot's of talk about dropping Cindy, some about Rafe, more about Dani... but dude... she got a car! They kick her off. So reclines the Curse of the Car.

Fav Quote
"blah blah blah blah New Car blah blah... blah New Car blah blah blah... blah!" ... like, oh ma gawd, Cin... can you shut up about your new car?

Lydia: "He's one of the girls!" ... well, no big surprise there...

Someone: "Things we're not gonna miss about Guatemala?"
Rafe: "Naked Jud!!"

Most Memorable Moment
Dude, when those four other cars came over the dunes... they had my attention. I was sure she would either go for it to be instant karma nice, or at the worst, turn around and negotiate... "I'm in the final three and I hand over the cars!!" but no....

Burn Baby Burn
(aka "Tribal Council")
Jeff just drops a line in Cindy's mouth, asks her about strategy and she practically froths at the mouth blabbing away about Rafe as a threat... d'oh. They vote and she goes...

The winner...
K, three girls and Rafe... If Lydia wins... someone has to die. Steph and her cute tummy are a pain lately so, over to Rafe and Dani. I liked Rafe but he's just playing the victim so much that it's painful. This leaves Dani and ... when did she get a crimper? She (Dani) certainly has played the most intelligent ... as in "thinking" game of the remaining players. So... My dime is for Dani.

Two Things...
~ it's over next week!
~ When Steph was running for the flag... and her rope was too short... I soooooo wanted her to be "yanked back" like Spike at the end of his leash! :)

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