Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

grays anatomy ... taping away in the background.
desperate ho's waiting on the pvr...
and a smack load of other shows that... we... just don't find time to watch! :)
Ah well... gray is "must see tv" for us lately. :)

long day... but snowy!! I had to shovel the laneway... :) The street is so pretty with everyones christmas lights strung... and the snow coming down. :)

My car is absolutely dying!!! At least... it sounds that way. There is a hole in some pipe between exploding gasoline and the exhaust... and to hear it... you'd swear it's getting bigger every time I step on the gas. I can't have it fixed till Tuesday... so I have to drive it to work tomorrow. (crosses fingers).

We had rainbow trout tonight... and I have to say... I have it down fricking perfect;
~ lay out a fresh fillet of trout
~ sprinkle with chili pepper..
~ blob with hot spicy sauce from a county fair somewhere...
~ splash a wee bit of soya...
~ then literally cover it with a half flour / half bread crumbs mix.
~ skin side down in a fry pan... cook for 5 - 10... flip it (two spatula's - one on either side, like a big plastic pair of pliers.)
~ the fishy-oil-soaked bread crumb stuff ... gets crispy... :)
~ peel the skin off while it's in the pan, cut in half and serve as a portion. One full fillet, makes two big portions.
~ served with smashed taters, broccoli and Caesar salad (Geo made the salad!! :D :D) and garlic bread.

Tuesday... morning meeting at my company office... no client time at all... and then home at lunch for the afternoon of tooth smashing goodness with the doc. I have been told I will be put out completely... and I'll have to make a point of telling them to be careful of the TMJ... tell them over and over and over... sigh.
Dentists are... dangerous... and there has to be a certain amount of sadism involved to land in that profession. I mean... of this there is no question.

Ok... I think I'll have chit chat with the Admiral and then catch up with a show. :)

I hope you're night is going well...
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