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Mostly harmless

Sunday, December 4

(for this picture... I will likely be killed... :D)

When someone says the television channel they're watching is "snowy"... they are talking about exactly what I'm seeing through my window. Teeny little snow flakes everywhere...swirling down and making you feel like you need to check how well the world is connected to the cablevision cable.

Edward is coughing up a lung... and Geo (read: mom) is just about done the big project on Sir Wilfred Laurier... she really get's into helping on projects... to Geo's benefit - for sure - (It's not like she does it for him... but she does get "into it". :D) We a printed (read: counterfeit) five dollar bill with Geo's head on it... :)
His project includes a poster - can you say gluuuuuuue stick and him standing up and "being" his subject matter and giving a speech.

Last night was a celebration of my dad's birthday and my BIL's birthday... today is actually my dads day! :D We all... big family... went to one of those groovy chinese restaurants that are lit like a gymnasium and ... everything is in chinese... nothing in english... no subtitles of english... nadda. :) It was fabulous. Sadly, Edward had to stay home... and Z kept him company... (they had their own chinese take out! :D)
I got my dad a copy of "The Book Of Lists - Canadian Edition" (which means they have some Canadian content... it's awesome!!! fantastic book to just leaf through and grab fast facts. :D The Top Five Incestuous Families In The Bible was kinda fun to read. :)

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans
~ blue shirt with the fake "look I'm wearing layers" white shirt under it...
~ TO SLEEP till 11:00... oh my god... the first time I've slept that long and NOT had a headache or backache for my trouble. :) (big smile)
~ take apart the toilet "ball and cock" (kills me) thing and fix the gosh darn chain!!!
~ go to planet hair and get a number 3...
~ watch "Inner Space" with the kids later...
~ work on a few christmas cards... (I wish I could do hundreds!!)
~ dinner? no plan... but I'm thinking fish...
~ that there is one less mouse in teasers house... silly cats!
~ for all that is worth dreaming about ... to continue landing at sugarvaulter's feet.
~ and that there was some way to visit with danicia whiles she's here in the frozen north!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday Rob!! (the one and only robont)... the man behind the madness... !! May you have a year of great health and even greater happiness.
And to a sweet girl and wonderful artist... Happy Birthday Chris!! (gigglecam) May the year ahead bring you into the eyes of patrons and reward you with every success...

The election issues in canada are at full steam. So far... as expected... all that has happened is the Liberal party has sat back and done nothing (besides spending money), the Conservatives have shot themselves ... several times... and promised to spend money... and the NDP have... remained quiet. Basically, it's just the Conservatives carping away and making their own lives a living hell. Ye-ha... elections.
Dear Mr. Harper... you soooo need another job.
Dear Everyone In The Liberal Party... you soooo need a new party.
Dear NDP... please form a coalition and let us have another minority government. :D


~ Geo practicing his speech... they hold a little paddle with their topic's face on it... and, basically, read their speech from the back of it. :)
(note: His subject - Wilfred Laurier - had chronic bronchitis, so he is working regular hacking coughs into his speech. :))
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