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Thursday, December 1

Forget all the cool stuff they do with "solstice" things, calendars, atomic clocks, and earth rotational pocket protector stuff...
In the vast wasteland of my head... December 1 is the beginning of winter.
It's just a vibe. It's december? oh, it's winter. So... welcome to winter. :)

Well it's one of those aggravating mornings with brilliant sunshine on the "rise" side... but the alarm clock radio ("hey you! wake up!!!") blabbing on about how it's s'posed to snow all afternoon. So "put your boots on" kinda echoed through the front hall this morning. :)

Edward was complaining about feeling like he has "a cold"... with a sore tummy and little coughs... and boy oh boy did he ever seem like a big faker. He - the boy who normally refuses to take any medication - was demanding cold medicine. I gave him one of those mini medicine measuring cups half filled with a shot of pure lemon juice and some fruitopia ... which he bought (ar ar ar). And away he goes... back to bed. Now ... this morning... he's got quite the cough ... and I'm just certain I'm going to regret not believing him. Not that some medicine would have changed anything... hiding symptoms is no solution.

Kind of a life lesson in there...
but then again...
not all problems need solutions...
some just need an appropriate level of tolerance.

~ black stripee ftls
~ khaki cargos... again... because... I can...
~ gray t and black sweater. :)
~ kick off with a boss-meet near the client he's working with...
~ home from that... telework with "other" client till mid afternoon...
~ kids get home early due to this "half day PD day" thing...
~ and enjoy the day.!! I'm thinking I'll take them (boys) to a nature trail for a walk in the woods.
~ pick up fish for dinner...
~ Survivor tonight... maybe even watch LOST or something... (we're getting wwwwway behind hahaha... honestly, you prol'y think I watch tv all the time. au contraire (or whatever the "special people" say)... we record a lot of tv... but it sits there waiting for us to make time, like a forgotten pet... except the PVR wont piss on the sofa if we ignore it. :)
~ for the good thoughts of many to bend the universe and make the grant dealio work out for daikan!!!
~ I could decide what to believe about so-called "good electric cook tops"... I think I want to go over to my SILs and cook dinner on their 'lectric cook top... just to try it out.
~ (yes, I'm still focused on gas... but I keep reading about how great the new electric ones are).
~ to say a bit of a "hey, hi... welcome back" out to kaeren :D
~ to send some good... some supportive thoughts out to chicken_kisses... just 'cuz...
~ and a little more of that supportive stuff out to thisismostlyme!!! and yeah... courage.

Birthday Bonanaza!!
Happy Birthday ever so absent caranya. May the year ahead find you well and afford you a repeat of the achievements you earned this last year. :)
And Happy Birthday to mz Vix.. (nightvixen) and may I be so lucky to continue having you as a window into New Zealand! :) Have a great year sugar.
There's basically no chance that heartsecho will read these words, but maybe the wish will find you... may you be well and happy birthday.
Happy Birthday alicenwndrln!!! (little miss famous! :D :D) I hope the year ahead brings you a world of health, wealth and happiness. :D
... oh, and a big HB out to santa. I don't think you're ready for this jelly... (DC) hahaha...

So day two of the federal campaign and the PC party (the "conservative" side) trotts the same-sex marriage issue out... as if he's doing the party a favour or something.
To all the people that are endeared to a candidate by his or her disdain for this issue, ... get a life.
Regardless of my position on the issue - and I think it's stupid in the extreme to support discrimination of any kind, let alone to institutionalize it!!! - the real problem is that the issue is an international cause 'celeb!! The way in which a government handles this issue says a great deal about that country, it's government and it's people on the very grandest of scales. In the end, it does nothing besides reinforce my belief that the PC party needs new leadership.

Is hard... no? Yes, sometimes, is wary hard.
Life is literally chock-a-block full of things that are hard...
hard to believe in, hard to sort out, hard to do and hard to fix.
And it's not... just... you!
I mean... sometimes I feel like, you know... screw that...
it is too just me, (begins to sing) nobody knows the trouble I've seen... (stops!!!)
but the truth is that everybody has their stuff... and for sure, everybody has hard stuff.
So, you gotta ask yourself... are you somebody else's "hard stuff".
Because you get what you give.
Life's like that...
you know...

semi-random note: if I write something here that someone else wrote... I always indicate the source. No source? then I wrote it. :)

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