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Hey .. Morn'en Lj.
It's like 9:something and I'm still on a bus! not really a good thing... nope.
Massive sinus headache last night... although I still managed to run TeVeo and thought briefly that I was able to serve up streaming cam video on the net.... but that's a no go until I figure out how to get my server to feed TeVeo.
They have a good-looking set of features at their site... cam question has anybody used TeVeo?
Last night was just a little "hmmm I wonder what this does?" test... I'm still all excited about getting my server back up and operational. Any ways today has got to be a moi accomplishment type day... lots to do, and getting to work soo late just reduces the time I have to do it. (rrrgggg - I know, wake up earlier... or better yet... go to bed earlier!)
~ light, maybe cream?, dockers and a turtle neck (secret agent day).
~ leather coat... my spring jacket ... (it's amazingly nice out today)
~ to write a procedure for integrating patrolView with Network Node Manager for a client.
~ to finish the last chapter of my report for CIDA (that rabbit story from last week)
~ get some business development work kicked off with the sales team.
~ to come home with flowers tonight.... orchids maybe, or yellow roses?
~ I could make the world stop while get caught up!
Hey listen,... I just wanted to mention that yesterday was a stellar day for me from an "appreciate Lj" point of view... made some new friends, and had a couple of truly remarkable (and candid!) convo's with some remarkable peeps in the communities... altoids! definitely gonna try the altoids.
I love you guys...
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