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Tuesday, November 29

(ps. picture's there... but my host seems to have a hick up every day around this time... grrrrr!)

Yeah... so it's a beautiful day!!! Rainy and crummy weather... but that really doesn't matter... i don't earn my pay standing around outdoors... :)
Mostly it's a beautiful day because I got a great sleep... the kids are healthy... and all is basically "right" with the world.

Lets just talk about pants for a second... girls pants... and - d'uh... underwear.
Rod Serling voice: Imagine if you will... a big guy... ok, truth be told... a fat guy... belly out to there... and he has an "inny" belly button. He's wearing a tucked in golf shirt... Now... can you see in your minds eye how the outline of the belly button CAVERN is visible to you when you look at his belly? You can't actually "see" it... but you can "know it is there" because of the way the fabric hits skin but then becomes fabric suspended over thin air above the belly button.
In clothing talk (as opposed to radio talk) we will call that "dead air".
So far so good?
Well... ok, "so far so weird" is prolly more like it ... but whatever.
Now.. girls ... trim or theoretically fit (oh eat some fries already) girls... wear nice dress pants and... a thong.
The point?
There are thongs and there are thongs... they do not all look the same, nor do they all "fit" the same.
Strings, straps, 1/4 ass cheek, lace... whatever.
And if she wears nice dress pants and a "strap" thong...
she creates one of those dead air zones below the top of her ass and into the crack line.
It's not attractive. Yes, you get "independent motion" from the ass cheeks on either side...
Which can be nice...
but if she's trim... this is not all that crazy attractive - reminded of steak meat swinging on a hook. (add a few pounds and we're good to go...)
It's really a function of the "dead air" created by the strap thong.
So... for the "Pants" outfit... wear non-thong, boy-cut, string - floss - thong, or 1/4 ass thongs...
But avoid the strappy thong..
and yes... I'll shut up now. :D

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ weird green short sleeve button up shirt...
~ tie... (sigh) and z'tommy sweater.
~ tommy sweater's on a chair... phew... warm.
~ bang zoom to work.. early meeting
~ 9:30... take client to other office for a "show and tell" moment with some application stuff...
~ back by 11:00... sort out work.
~ 12: lunch for co-worker birthday..
~ back from that... time sheets...
~ then do doc layouts for two more reports
~ tonight? Amazing Race... :)
~ that phinnia is surrounded by people that have a better clue... :)
~ to send a smile to dishpan_nipples and hopes she gets... everything she needs.
~ to point out that acoolsecretary... is just wonderful... :D

Birthday girls...
Happy birthday dearest meres... Mz. Business Woman of the year. :) May you have great success over the next year... no sleepless nights and much love. :)
Happy Birthday to abbeyrd also... It pains me to think... right around several corners... and presto ... you. Yet we've never met up. :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday... a year of lovely teeth... and a year with much love.

And a special birthday wish out to lakme... Miss Married Suzy. :) Congratulations (again) on the recent "hitching" and Happy Birthday my super sugar... (get in ma belli). I hope there is a wonderful year ahead of you and your little family... :D May you be kissed and loved as much as your heart can bear... and I do hope I get to wrap you up in a hug some day soon. :)

I've decided that what we need ... is the "return of the roller rink". I should borrow the money and open a roller rink in Kanata. Roller skate (not in-line) rentals... a concession stand... L-L-L-Loud music... and a lot of space. I bet you it would do a booooooming business. Ohhh... and a big honking mirror ball in the middle ... sigh. I bet you it would do a kicken business.

[ :: :: ] remains my fav mid day internet snack... :)

Have a great day!! And I'll see ya later. :)

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