Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, November 24

Happy thanksgiving aka turkey day, to those that celebrate today...
... and to the non-carnivores out there... "happy giant molded slab of tofu day"

It's a winter wonderland around here today. [ :: out the window :: ]
(pic doesn't do it justice...)

It's the first big white of the season and ... man o'man people are - in general - really really bad drivers.
I left at 8:10 and made it ... well two exits on the highway by 9:15.
Two "almosts" as a dumb ass started sliding towards me and another when this happy woman in an SUV drove on'through a red light like she owned the planet.
That second one was honking away at me and giving me the finger for a couple of km's after that... I was laughing away... hopefully ticking her nasty self off even more. biatch! Clearly she had no idea about the red light, despite all the stopped vehicles around her and the line of cars making a lefty (including moi!).

Anyways... I gave up and came home. I'll work on stuff from here till 12:00 and boogie in for a 1:00 meeting.

Oh, and - as luck would have it - the kids school ... grades 1 - 6... are heading off to the Sci Tech museum today. Poor kids... it's gonna be a loooooong drive across the city.

~ black ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ maroon t, that no one will see
~ because of the big blue turtleneck. :D
~ work on my "performance appraisal" docs for work
~ drive for ages for a meeting...
~ drive for ages to get home again...
~ shovel the laneway again..
~ dinner, kids homework zone, play, kids bed, and then... prol'y tv. :)
~ Survivor...
~ you could see video out my window... it's just blowing snow like mad...
~ that my friend canuckgirl is safe and sound... :)
~ and to make a whole bunch of "phew" type noises for bratt72... be well sugar.

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday tehdawgfather... may fan-da-monium reward you - and the dawgs - generously this season!! :)

Little else is as transparently complete b.s. as the various postures assumed by political parties on the eve of an election call.
The many dances have begun... dice rolling in dark offices. Who's strategy to capture popular support at the "last second" will succeed?
This ... is exactly how the liberals have won elections for twelve years... letting the other parties posture like mad and froth at their collective mouths...
Then they trot out some circumstances, positions, and statements in the last days of the campaign, appearing to derail the oppositions platforms.
People have no time to process the info and are faced with the choice. Then they fall back on the devil they know.
So this time... I will be watching... looking for the strategist that works to counter this tried and true political gambit.

In a world gone mad with war, radical fundamentalism, resource scarcity, poverty, disease and corruption... we somehow manage to tell the stories, write the words and film the images that bring beauty, courage, faith, love and adventure to our lives. For this ... I am always very thankful.

I was looking at my skies... :D
oh it's gonna be a fun winter. :)
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