Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

so for ninety bucks... he'll explain how he's gonna rip out your tooth
drill holes in your head, insert things... and attach things to ... the thing he inserted.

for the low low price of three hundred and eighty bucks... he'll go so far as to actually rip out the tooth.
"well, it's likely fractured... there'll be a few pieces we have to chip off the jaw. So... we're putting you to sleep."

so after three months ... "we'll see how much bone grew in... and decide if we need to do a sinus graft."
(ewww crap I hate it when they say things that include the word "graft")
But for another eighteen hundred dollars... we'll set you up for an implant.
(imagine turning your head into an ikea table that has a pre-threaded hole for one the screws in the little baggie)
When they're done... I'll still have to see another guy about making the crown. (more money).

... of course, there's always the Tom Hanks "Castaway" version of things...

(tooth extraction day... dec 6)
(tooth number 26 for people who know about that sort of thing)
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