Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So after we had the new dishwasher put in...
the "trim" below the kitchen cabinets that included the dw zone...
was looking mighty worn, not to mention ...
completely missing in the exact space that the DW occupied.

This mini project popped out of the job jar, so off to Home Despot I go.
A 24 X 48 sheet of melamine ($4)...
cut into three 4.5 in strips, makes up - after some clipping and
cutting - the new "white background" to the space between
the floor and the cupboards.
(because I could only get a 105 inch long piece if I bought the
whole flipping 6x9 foot sheet - or whatever it was... for 32$)
A 105 inch long run of quarter round... will clean up the "look".

Home again... cut cut, snip snip, screwwwww, screwwwwww
and the strips of melamine are in.
Some white bathroom type caulk to hide the joins and we're good to go.

Now the quarter round. It has to meet a "miter box" corner at
each end of the 105 inches so into the garage and miter away.
Return to kitchen... and position the quarter round... and it's now
magically a half inch too short.
~ scratches head and curses the evil miter gods.
Then looks again... It's not matching up with quarter round anyways...
it's smaller than quarter round!!!


Back to Home Despot, with a sample from the original "trim" bits.
Ahh... it's called "finger joint" or some such...
105? No... 130 inches thank you very much.

Measure... measure... mark... measure... miter cut one end...
measure... measure... mark... cut other end.
Check... and it's flipping perfect. In fact, you kinda have to bow
it just a tiny bit to get it into the two corners.
And when you push... it literally snaps into a firm place...
looking purrrrrrrr-fect.

Grand... go downstairs and grab a can of white paint.
(the finger-joint stuff is nat. wood)
Open can... paint paint paint. I even painted my shirt. er... yeah.

Wait... for... it... to... dry.
sigh. All afternoon... all evening, overnight, ... check it...
still tacky.
All day today... still tacky.
Check the can.
"liquid melamine"... wtf? ccccrap.
"Well..." I tell myself "maybe it'll be fine."
And I get the hammer and nails and that thing you smack a
nail head with to sink it into the wood a bit.

Bring it to kitchen... position one perfect corner... bow a bit...
it breaks in half.


Two pieces. Strangely... it snapped at a "join" where they put
the woody bits together in the first place.
Kind of a series of squared off teeth that interlock. Sweet.
But it was a sign.
I stopped.

The wood is in the garage with a fresh coat of white latex over
the "liquid melamine" and if - for some pro-painter type of reason -
the latex is a problem over the melamine... tough. :)
I'll try and nail it all on tomorrow.

Yes indeed. Raw excitement in the house of corto.

Next? We're all piling into two cars to drive over to my mechanics.
Going to drop off my car tonight so they can do things like rotate
the tires, tighten the parking break, change the oil... etc.

see ya. :)

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