Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


It's sort of a "Where's Waldo goes Jedi" moment for Harry...

Truley a crummy picture of miss granger...
She was positively in emmy-hunting mode as she told off Ron for not asking her to the ball.

And for some reason, they put a scene in the movie
of Bush testing a new counter-terrorism thingy...

Now... if you have lots of patience and actually care...
You can download 18 meg version of the entire First Task
cap'ed by my little camera... sadly I was so concerned about being
seen shooting the thing that I didn't re-check how well centered it was.
(so there's a bit of screen-cut-off for most of it. :D)
[ :: Goblet's First Task. :: ]
(it's a "wmv" file and I highly recommend that you "right click and save" the file... versus trying to play it from the source. :D)

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