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Survivor XI Update!!

Survivor XI: Guatemala!

Brought to you by Folgers...

Where in... we are treated to a firm reminder that Jeff's got his-self a downright dirty little mind. Some of the kids party with ... well, he looked like a drug lord to me, and Jamie goes right flippen deep off the end of whatever cliff his peanut brain lives on. There's a killa game of spaghetti ropes and roaring applause from me at the tribal council... :D

Survivor 11... in 11 seconds...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Jamie's wearing his paranoia shroud, and Gary's taking the brunt of his nut-bar-dom. Day 25 is all about Jeff and his girls-in-mud fantasies as they are tied together and race through a three foot deep mud course for reward. Lydia is actually just a big hobbit, while Steph, The Twig, Jugg-head and Joe Namath win a ride on a 'copter to some dudes mansion where they wash, eat and sleep luxury... with Folgers everywhere. Rich guy hands 'em a brick of video tapes and then they all cry about their families. Meanwhile, back at the farm, Jamie continues to be weird and then everybody has more Folgers before the immunity game. This one is all about being hooked to a rope that is wrapped around an obstacle course and while Cindy looked pretty good for the win, she lost it to Rafe. More of the Jamie-crazy's and it's off to council where we're sure Gary's number is up only to see Jamie take a back hand across the head. He joins Donny Osmond on the jury.

The Details
After the "Gary has the mini idol" council meeting Jamie tries to call out Gary on the comment he misunderstood from the previous day (Jamie thought Gary said he was going to definitely vote for Jamie) and Gary is clueless. Jamie runs it up the pole and Gary goes to bed. Everybody else is just looking at loony toons Jamie in wide wonder. They wake up the next day to a Reward game straight from some wet dream Jeff had last week... he ties them together in like gender pairs and so two teams of either two women or two men run across a mud field, climbing over fences and crawling under fences, to move jugs of corn kernels from one end to the other. First team to get a certain amount of corn in their end-zone wins. Rafe, Jamie, Lydia and Cindy could have won, except out of nowhere, Lydia suddenly stopped being able to walk in mud, so the Steph-Dani, Judd-Gary teams win... and we get lots of close ups of Dani and Steph crawling through mud in their 20 square inch outfits. Dani looks to have doubled her weight with accumulated mud, but they all fly away in a copter to this well groomed south American dude's mansion and shower, feast, sleep and consume Folgers coffee like mad. Judd had a Richard Hatch moment doing the naked fat guy thing and the girls giggled. The dude seemed like that guy with the Jeep Cherokee in Romancing The Stone...and then he brings this brown paper wrapped (and tied with string) brick in to them. Looked like about four pounds of coke but turned out to be four video tapes. They all watched family members be cute... they all cried (of course) and then Gary tried to get support in the game. Judd was having none of it and when they got home the next day they all endured endless Jamie panic attacks about being voted out. The plan was to fry Gary but the Immunity game came next. He (Gary) did well up to a point but lost to Rafe and Cindy rushing neck and neck to the end. They were each hooked to a rope and had to follow their rope as the rope wound through a wooden structure of increasingly complex turns. Judd never even tried (cocky bastach) and Rafe took the prize. So ... more nutty Jamie, a great "you're whack" face from Cindy and then Rafe finally suggests to "others" that they fry Jamie instead of Gary. It's off to council and, amazing, they do just that. Bj entered the jury last week, but has since been body snatched by Donny Osmond. Jamie joins Donny and now? Judd is totally pissed!

Fav Quote
"I don't know if you've been hit in the head with a coconut yet, but if you have, Hi, my name is Jamie and I'm your daughter..." (a video moment for daddy Gary)

Dani: "how weird will it be to look in a mirror!!" ha! It's not like you'll see anything

Most Memorable Moment
In one of Jamie's endless demands for promises of safety, this one with Cindy, we get this view of him yammering paranoia at her while she pulls this amazing and clearly disgusted face. She was priceless.
Note: and it was tempting to refer to one of the many close ups the editors gave us of Steph and Dani on the mud race.

Burn Baby Burn
(aka "Tribal Council")
Jeff sets Judd up to say some smack about Gary going home and then they vote... overwhelmingly to fry Jamie who - despite his panic attacks - was totally surprised. Excellent. I was so damn happy.!! :D

The winner...
Hmm... Well I still like Cindy but Rafe is a constant source of surprise... He's in the running for the money, in my books.

Two Things...
~ No really... that guy at the mansion!! hahaha...
~ Gary's agog and smiling face, when he realized Jamie was going, was second only to Judd’s expression of shocked disbelief. Man, that was great. :D

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