Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


It's fricking blowing snow and all cold and shit out there...
er... snow, cold and shit is a special "canadian" way to refer to icey road conditions.
A pox on icey roads!!

I'm at work...
... kids are at my moms.
Suz is at work.
And the Ottawa Senators? (hockey team that keeps kicking the crap out of the Toronto Maple Leafs)
Yeah, they're at work too.
Sadly, they work kinda "next door" to my house...
So while the snow flies...
While the ice builds up...
And every hockey fan in the city converges on my my back yard...
I get to drive home from the concrete jungle in Hull ("hull" ... evil government town on the edge of Ottawa, but still in Quebec).

So what I'm saying is... it's gonna be an evil drive home.
The only good part? Suz and I are heading to my moms to have dinner. :)

me = loves my mommy and daddy... heck, I even love my mommy-in-law...
me = completely aware of how fortunate I am to have a together and "good" family. We all have our moments and personality features that sometimes make you want to shove tooth pics in your eyes... but we love each other and get along famously. :)

and yes... I'm posting this in a purely "procrastinating" moment.
so? sue me!! :)
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