Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 15

Dorky question mark face... :)

Little Edward was pushing a fever around last night... he crashed after dinner... and, well, other than a moment of lucid behavior around 1:00 am, he's still out! sigh. So, up today with Geo and I let Z sleep in and, of course, Edward too. Oh, and we're having our first actual snow of the year... it'll all melt away, cause the ground is just not cold 'nuf yet... but they're calling for Snow, Freezing Rain, and ... a hockey game at the Corel Centre tonight. Flaque!!!! The drive home is going to suck huge and hairy tonight. ggrrrrr.

I was fixing to iron my shirt this morning... but I heard Geo pouring his cereal... and I was filled with my own memories of grade school breakfasts with my Mom on the other side of the counter talking to me about my day and stuff... So I boogied downstairs and had my cereal with him. The shirt can wait. :D

~ blue ftls
~ dk green dockers
~ beige t, beige kinda short sleeve dress shirt
~ tommy sweater... not that you could tell it's a tommy, except for this wee tiny little tag on the cuff.
~ flip out work zone. Nothing... totally focused day. :) (save for this little moment.:D)
~ AR tonight... maybe Prison Break from last night... I've two weeks of medium to get through ... and Greys Anatomy! <-- love that show!!!
~ for fewer turrets like moments in the life and times of hakuai (hahaaha)
~ that a girl named jess... finds a way to get all that she wants...
~ for very little wildlife interference in beachdog's flight...
~ to say how glad I am that all is well with aeue and her little baby making self. :)
~ and to point out to no that I am clearly not asian. :)

Have you seen pictures of Ariel Sharron? [ :: picture :: ] This guy redefines the entire concept of Big. I, for one, do not believe he's entirely just a big fat guy. I think the guy walks around with 200 lbs of body armor on. It appears to be something like a solid steel or Kevlar barrel around his torso. Of course, that means, the bullet with his name on it is destined to hit him in the head... but still... Holy freaking huge guy. Did you see Willy Wonka? Old or new ... it doesn't matter... This guy is basically who they stylized Violette after!!

I gotta say... sometimes, when I read through Lj ... the word Sheep pops into my head.

How does a someone meet a person that they can form a real relationship with?
Job one... Stop looking at a persons transitional physical attributes... and learn how to be sincerely interested in what someone else is saying... period.

Honk Honk !!!!
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