Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Life and the internet are fricken weird man... :)

[ :: give me one dalla... give me dolla... an den... bill die big fas! :: ]
~ quick now... go get rich!

~ and another thing...
People kinda shut up about the "no pit bulls in Ontario" thing...
... good.
Pit Bull - brain size of walnut.
Law against the dogs - hard to enforce.
Creates new problems.
... and who cares.
Less Pit Bulls.... weeee!
(dances around)

k... now I go and close my eyes... and count to four.
I plan on counting to ten.
but I usually get to two and then think about what I'd do with a million dollars.
Then I remember I'm trying to get to sleep so I count three and four...
Then I think about how Neo could manipulate the matrix and basically
do anything... like that french guy in the restaurant thing...
Which, of course, makes me think of that girl... Bellucci,
and I pretty much stop thinking at that point and presto,
it's morning.

so I'm off.
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