Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, November 13

Holy busy day yesterday!!! gah. Wake up and basically go at it all day long.
I got the yard raked, the christmas lights up (hehe... my light-solution from last year... worked like a charm. :D - I put the strings of lights on these long 2x1's and set out a hook-and-eye thing to hang them along the roof line). Garage cleaning, errands and getting an old bureau from my BIL's house got us to dinner.

Chicken breasts... bone on... cost so flipping much less than boneless chicken breasts it's stupid. I mean... cut cut cut... and it's a boneless chicken breast.
And yes... we had chicken for dinner. :)

Last night was all about the de-clutter extravaganza. Oh, and I watched some of that show "Weeds" ... Very good... it's a "show time channel" show up here.

~ blue ftls
~ pj pants
~ white t and a very old sweat shirt...
~ to be lazy and slug like all day long...
~ and because that wont actually happen...
~ job jar, and kitchen cupboard cleaning and floor washing and one bathroom.
~ another stab at some of the de-clutter insanity
~ and Alias (taped) tonight... (I hope).
~ to welcome raherrier home... :)
~ to tell all my Survivor friends... No way jose... not one chance in a zillion. That Little Immunity Idol was a one shot deal and it's done. Yes, I'll have shoe leather stuck to my gums if I'm wrong... but I'm not. We'll see next week.
~ to say "Hey" out to nextproblem
~ and to wish all of you guys a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. :D

Birthday moment...
Happy 43 periodic... and welcome to the club. May you have a wonderful year ahead and enjoy the age. It's nice to be around the half way mark. Makes you appreciate all that is yet to come. :)

Excellent article here to remind people about why we need to hold on to the notion that politics, education and religion ... really don't all play well together...
[ :: Washington Post Story :: ]
You know... kids aren't stupid. And they're not deaf. They can read and they know what the hell is going on around them. When a school board becomes divided along political lines... and curriculum becomes a pulpit for religious dogma... the kids are going to realize that their education is no longer what's important to all the adults swirling around them. If the big people don't respect the education our children get... how can we expect the little people to?

I have a 1 meg memory module for an HP 4L laser printer. Who wants it? It's brand spanking new... still in packaging.

If only there was a way
To divide myself and be the two of me.
There is no way, of course
So I'll stay on track and keep looking back
At the times I stepped outside.

~ peace frog... blue sunday.

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