Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, November 6

Yesterday was all about ... the house and the kids. :)
We played for a while... then the boys went to see Chicken Little with the neighbors, while we went to the "land" with my folks... nephew, niece and SIL ... it was fun, but oddly, there's a river running through the land this weekend.??? (Something their doing to the land next door... I'm not worried! :D)

Then we said "caio" to the relatives and sat with the builder for a while... sorting out more details.

Home for Pizza... (goooooooood Colonade pizza!!! - Ottawa peeps will dig that!) and a night of being lazy, and relaxed.

~ red stripee ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ cape cod shirt and a long sleeve warm thing...
~ to leave in 10 minutes...
~ having a breakfast thing with family and "heather and her kids (husband too)" at my parents boating club. (Heather and I were crib buddies... life long friends... and her hubby builds hollywood-vancouver movie sets... They live on Gabriola island... sigh... lovely!)
~ future shop to buy ram for my SILs computer... rebuilt it last night from the ashes of three computers to make one decent AMD based system. But it needs ram!
~ an appliance store to sort out some options for fridge, wall oven, cook top, washer / dryer, microwave ... (all new appliances at the new house next year... and have to pick them now to enable the kitchen designer guys to get busy).
~ tonight? no plans... just smiling a lot. :)
~ I could sit and scroll scroll... but alas, (earwax) ... no time this morning. Hopefully later. :)

Do you watch the show ALIAS?
Remember last new epi when Sloan went to see that Senator about his security clearance and when she refused he showed her pictures taken of her daughter ... from "inside the house... no telephoto lense here" to threaten her with his access to her daughter? Yeah... so ever since I've been thinking... If I was her, I would have attacked him right there and then and tried to end his life... period. "Fingers in eyes till I was rubbing his brain" kinda moment.
I swear... you want to see me be gozilla... threaten my kids.
That senator was wwwwwway too calm.

FM Radio Top 40 station... song number one on their "chart" is BEPs "My Hump"... myhumpmyhumpmyhump... mylovelyladylumps... hahaha...
The song is hilarious... but the top 40 station playing the severly edited version is funnier. Dudes... grow a spine for goodness sake.
"whatchagonna do wit all that fat... all dat fat inside your jeans..."

Have a lovely day... it's raining here... so maybe its sunny where you are. :D

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