Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

LJ stuff.

things worth noting...

I've had a link to the Lj Portal on my friends page for ... years.
Now Lj is really working the Portal into a cool tool.
When you're logged in... go to

Also... have you noticed how much work they've (lj) done on the gallery thing?
Check out the menu item called "scrapbook" and see all the gallery related links.

Best part? Check on the lj update web page (
for a wee drop down menu on the "middle upper right side".
It says "insert".
Despite the drive towards innuendo ...
That little click lets you automatically insert an image from your PC hard drive into your post and load the image directly into your gallery. Tres cool.

(note: i think the gallery stuff only applies to paid users...)
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