Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, November 1.

yeah so there are two kinds of suburban halloween's... "We were cleaned out by 7:30" or the "Nobody showed up!" types. I gotta feel sorry for the nobody showed up zone, especially if you were sitting on a bowl full of little boo-bags with treats and your camera sitting and waiting. But if, on a summers day, there are NO KIDS ANYWHERE in sight on your street... then... you know... They're not showing up in the dark either. Our street is wall to wall kids all the time. If anyone drives down our street going more than 10 miles an hour... well, they don't get far before parents are standing IN the street stopping them and admonishing them to slow down. I pity-the-foo that gets caught by indignant soccer moms speeding on our street. :)

It's glorious outside today. :) no really. It rained last night... and it will rain again later today sometime... but for now... sunshine and mild. :)
Bright yellow leaves... sunshine... sigh. I would sooooooooooo much rather be wandering along a bike path right now. :)

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green dockers... stain and wrinkle proof? yeah... right.
~ big blue turtleneck.
~ a "do-over" of yesterdays meeting in ... five minutes...
~ an afternoon of trying to write a bunch of stuff to describe a complicated situation ... very much boring work stuff. :)
~ Amazing Race tonight... and prison break from last night. (We OD'd a bit on Invasion last night... and I wanted to bitch slap that step sister big!!!)
~ to send an excited "congrats" out to kimmellee and the hope that all goes wonderful for the preggers cousin
~ that the little girl next door... is found safe and sound!!! (out to txdevil). Found... safe and sound!!! never mind. :D

Birthdays... :D
Happy Birthday jerris_darkrun_ (one of the very rare lj friends that is actually older than me!!!) have a wonderful day and fill the year with the love of friendship.
And dear canuckgirl.... may you find that which you desire... bound to a four poster bed covered in honey... :D er, ok, well you know what I mean. :) Have a great year sugar...
And if it's your birthday... then it's Ni's as well huh!!! Happy Birthday summer_flowers... may you feel the warmth of good friends and the love they share.

Texas and the big vote... (spot the Doors reference).
So Texas is going to vote on putting the squish on same sex marriages... even though they're already illegal in Texas. "Now there double illegal... which is better... because... two is twice as big as one!!" What if gobs and gobs of people voted to make it Legal... and passed the vote? Then it would be illegal and legal at the same time. Then they'd have to make it punishable by death... just to make sure everybody remembers they're in Texas.
Gay and Texan... that has got to suck, man. (no pun intended... well, ok... maybe a little)

The radio said Georgie Poopie Head was going to announce the National program to combat Avian Flu ... I didn't hear his announcement... but I'm guessing it want something like;
"Good morning my fellow Americans. We are going to enter into a dramatic journey of hope and freedom... We will be spear heading another great push towards democracy... and this time... the battlefield will be ... in the air. Yes... We are declaring a War on Birds. Our dedicated men and women in the armed forces of these United States of America... will be the best equipped...the best trained... and the strongest... bird killing machine the world has ever seen. If we can just figure out what Haliburton can build to help us in this War... we can get started. Thank you... and good morning!!! ... ... ... are we off? All done? good... hehehehe... was ah good? I was good'wasn't I? hehehe. Bird War! Sounds good... Condi? say "bird war"... lemmi hear it... yeah... you always know how to make me smile Condi."

When your eyes see you ... who do you see? You are beautiful... but you see lines, snacks and time.... Clearly we are looking at different people. I see you. Who do you see?

A guy named Brian Murphy died yesterday.
He was a radio icon in Ottawa. Back in the early 70's he ushered in the first FM Rock and Roll radio station (CHEZ 106.1). I have vast memories of his radio shows, including the show would listen to on sunday nights while working as a prep cook in a semi-fancy restaurant (in my yute!). I even had a couple of chances to deal with him directly... a very gruff guy but with a heart of gold and a knowledge of music that rivals the Rolling Stones Magazine Archives. He was a bit of a famous Dead Head.
[ :: CHEZ 106 Memorial Splash page :: ] Call in a Greatful Dead request to your local radio station and tell 'em it's for Brian. :)

see ya. :D
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