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See, every morning ('specially on work daiz) George has this thing he want's to do... When I go for a shower, he grabs his "Big Bear" and my housecoat... and spreads the housecoat on the floor, uses the bear for a pillow and wraps his little self up like a cocoon. The fun for him is pretending he's gone (hiding under the coat) when I get out of the shower and then he POPs up and says boo! It was cute the first hundred times... put I'm a patient dad.
So this morning, Z is sleeping and I wanna have a shower so BOTH boiz come into the can and get all wrapped up on the floor pending glorious shouts of boo!
Any ways... there is a point to this! :D
I'm standing there... in the shower stall, drying off, with George and Ed (5 and 3) laying on the floor in the can - post "boo!" - playing with stuff. Ed looks up at me and saiz:
Ed: "you have a big one!" (and he's pointing at the bald squatchie)
Me: "hmmmm?"
(note, to a three year old, George Castanza (Seinfeld) fresh from a cold swimming pool, has a big one.. so there's no real complement there!)
Ed: "You have a big one, and I have a tiny one... and George has one that's..." (and he makes this cirlce'ish motion with his hands...)
Me: "Huh? What's George got?"
Ed: (more hand gestures...)
Me: (generally dumbfounded)
Ed: "You know... BelliButtons... You have a big one... I have a little one, and George has a really really round one... "

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