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Survivor XI Update!!

Survivor XI: Quatemala!

It's A Leper Colony!!

Where in... we not only get treated to Judd in his boxer briefs, but also have a good reason to hear someone say "open festering sores". Dani continues to shrink, and Jeff - in fine form - gets everyone to tie themselves up. Jamie, aka Damien, is as sullen as ever and BJ is looking mighty crazy hermit guy all of a sudden.

Survivor 11... in 11 seconds...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Bug bites and flesh wounds from last weeks game and then Jeff has them play gang-mummy-wrappers. Yash gets to play Peter Pan on zip lines, and pig out on sweets. They pull over the Naks for a b-day party and we get to see Jamie try out for the lead in The Shining. Immunity is a puzzle, which is pretty boring actually, and ...Cindy has a great but. Oh, the Naks win Immunity so BJ, Brandon, Dani and Gary chuck Amy out of the game. Fortunately they merge... so there may be fist-a-cuffs yet.

The Details
Judd, always scratching, wanders around ramming his foot in his mouth, while Jamie, always thinking, admits to wanting to ride the Judd train because nobody would ever vote for Judd! Over at Yash, everyone’s walking around with these burns from the stupid game of "ram yourself into the giant ball" last week... u-u-u-u-ugly icky sores! Fun. Jeff has them play this May Pole On Crack game with the teams wrapping themselves, and each other, in these long straps, making little people bundles, and then they unwrap themselves, all the while moving up and down this line of may-poles. Because Stephany and everybody else on the Nak Nak team are complete and utter morons, they fall over and freak out trying to get up... (help... I've fallen and I can't get up!). They lose, sending Yash on a zip line canopy tour thing that puts shit streaks in Amy’s shorts then loads the lot of them up on crazy quantities of chocolate. Dani has a birthday so she and the Yash zone hustle over to Nak land and collect the others to "come party in the pool and eat our excess chocolate". Good move... although Damien and Cindy are all freaky 'noid about the whole enemy thing... Steph has a bitch on with Jamie over his bad vibes, but he gets the last laugh as he nails her with a 20 lb puzzle piece in the Immunity game. It – Immunity - is a race around, one at a time, collecting, er... digging up, these giant puzzle pieces (yawn!!!) game and then put them together in this myan calendar thingy... The Naks nail it in a squeaker and Steph is well pleased, excepting for the sore foot. Yash has to go to council and it's seeming like a foregone conclusion that it's Amy's time to dine with the production crew... While BJ does this disgusting mouth fishing thing on the minnows feeding on his dead shoulder skin flaps, Amy is making this pathetic overture to Dani who is so completely on the spot and skinny... she looks like an exclamation mark. They go to council and BJ utters a few double, and triple negatives, and Amy gets tossed. Jeff ends it by yanken away the buffs, tossing them new ones and telling them to go the camp Nak (with the bugs!)... and merge.

Fav Quote
"Nakum... you guys fell down... panicked... I've got nothing for you, head on back to camp." I mean... Jeff really seems to relish those moments.

"I'll be laughing at the bank while... she's at home... making,... chicken wings, or something." Judd, having flunked out of Dissing 101, is clearly ... a little hungry.

Most Memorable Moment
Well I was kinda hungry when we watched the show and the "gorging on chocolate" thing was petty tempting. Part of the Reward was this buffet of "Hey the Myans invented chocolate" stuff and they were literally slathering themselves in it.

Burn Baby Burn
(aka "Tribal Council")

They put a few token moments into Amy thinking BJ would go because "he didn't deserve to be here" but we knew that was for crap and Amy had no chance what so ever. You could tell when she was practically begging Dani for a bone and was getting ... nothing.

The winner...
Still thinking Cindy. But freaky boy Brandon Hay Seed is showing a little game ... hmmm?

Two Things...
~ A nice nasty individual immunity game would go nicely with next weeks show... Anything, actually... that was a bit more exciting that watching Judd undress for the pool party... although the may pole game thing was fun.
~ I find myself cheering for the Yash... even though BJ-Bone-Head is there...

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