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Friday, October 28.

Ok... amazingly, I feel 100% better today. This cold deal was evil horrid the night before last... and yet... here I am? I normally get tremendous snot monsters and head achie ickness with a cold... This time? Knock on Tom Cruise's Head... but I think I'm past the cold. I'll thank [ :: Cold-FX :: ] and move along. :)

Today dawned PITCH BLACK... and this weekend we "Fall Back" with the clocks... so... does that mean it's darker in the morning? er... what would have been 7:00 am... becomes 6:00 am... um... no, I suppose that means it will be lighter at 7:00. But then ... the winter solstice is out there... ahhh whatever. Just bring the snow and get on with it!

The boys are all about wanting to decorate the house for Halloween... and there's supposed to be sunshine tomorrow... so I'm banking on a wonderful day outside.
Oh... and you should see the colours... I was agog as i drove to work seeing the brilliant colours everywhere (fall colours in the trees). I'll snap some pics tomorrow... I promise. It's just too amazing to not share. :)

~black stripee ftls
~ black kinda cargo pants... [ :: no jeans for me today... :: ]
~ old navy long sleeve shirt and a black sweater... red stripe.
~ bang zoom... busy day.
~ client site and get a bunch done on the gig report number 1.
~ boogie to my employers offices for mid afternoon to fill out some appraisal stuff... and get some software installed for telework stuff...
~ Friday night baby... time to chill out and stop stressing about work.
~ write about Survivor at some point... :)
~ install a new (new to me) linux distro on my older laptop... something called MPIS-Lite. :) (check out [ :: distro watch :: ] and be amazed at the geeky goodness... :)
~ that the day goes well and, in fact, fabulous... for canuckgirl... :)
~ for the gasoline fairies to find misskris... and take good care of her...

sadsong happy birthday east coast girl... and may you be held in the warm hands of friendship all through the year. :)
Nick Danger... (love that name)... Happy birthday murphy59 and may the year ahead bring you ever greater opportunities to be express your creativity. I hope you have a wonderful year!!
Hey... christowang, dude? where'd ya go? ... whatever... happy birthday! I hope you and she-of-the-L have a great year ahead.

Ok... What kind of ginormous planet size harry balls do you have be sporting to report 9.9 BILLION $ in profit while the southern oil states swim towards their red cross stations, beg neighbors for a can of gasoline and the rest of us pay stupid prices for fuel... Shell reports 9$ billion in QUARTERLY profits... and then, not to be outdone, EXXON reports 9.9$ billion. Oh my flipping god... that is just the most ridiculous thing ever ever ever!!!!! Dude!!! That was a QUARTERLY report. I am absolutely stunned.

Animals... geezus. What a bunch of fricking punk ass crazy people (and I use that term loosely). I turn on the news... I open the paper... and I am tortured with never-ending news of the retards that run shit in the Middle East... and parts beyond. I swear... how much more of this can we all take? Iran, after pushing everyones buttons about wanting to build nuc power plants come out with... "We want to wipe Israel off the globe."... WTF??? Dudes hold massively attended rallies... people dressed as Palestinian suicide bombers (so that's a "look" now???) and they were collecting funds to support Palestine... gah!!! I'm talking the PRESIDENT is saying this "wipe out Israel..." shit. I have no love for the loons that run Israel ... but that's a leadership thing. People are people... everywhere and nobody has the right to wipe anyone out. So what do we do?... or should I say... what does Captain Global Domination Bush do? Invade Iran now... because you know he crouches before the dangling dong of Israel like every other American president... I swear... I want desperately to justifiably say "We have to just sit back and let these crazy bastards just sort their shit out and if that means they blow one another up... " but I know that's no solution... It just defies all sense that these people spend all their time and energy hating one another soooo much!!

If somebody loves you... you would do well to treat them with kindness. Nothing lasts forever... and love is far too precious to waste.

have a wonderful day muchachos y muchachas...

and if you happen to run into an Oil Company executive... who will no doubt be expecting a healthy bonus at christmas... pull him or her aside and bitch slap 'em for me for a while... mmmk?
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