Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, October 27

(I snapped a pic when I was first up that made me burst out laughing ...
I looked like a cross between Hannibal Lector and Godzilla. I snapped a
replacement while I was laughing. :D)

Wake up... try to focus on clock... tries harder... oh... 7:53... zzzzzz... BLINK... WHAT?

Sick boy (me) struggles out of bed as everyone bursts into action... well, everyone except his sleeping lordship, Edward (of the Kanata "sleep-through-everything" Edwards).
Boys fed, Suz showered and heading off to work, and my pj pants, housecoat, runners, and big puffy down vest over top... clambering into my car and driving the wee ones to school... Geo, as we pull into the school lot, is saying "so... you're just dropping us off ... right?" (versus actually emerging from the car) hahahaha!!! I saved his dignity and stayed in the car.

Home from that to try and drink a coffee... phone bosses... blow nose... and fall back into bed.... It's what? quarter to two now? sigh.

With all the positive feedback on the Cold-FX stuff... I have to think... I would be significantly worse off if I hadn't started taking it.

~ black ftls
~ more jeans
~ more old sweat shirts...
~ to rest... zzzzzzz
~ I felt bedder...
~ and an honest, deeply heartfelt wish for the safety and recovery of my friends ... and their friends... in florida and points south.

A birthday moment...
Happy Birthday Kelly... (dishpan_nipples). You've earned every happiness life can afford you. May you hold onto the love you cherish and find peace and happiness with the love that surrounds you. Have a wonderful year Sugar.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! So we should all ... what? put away our Miers Halloween Pumpkin carving stencils?
I mean... I was all ready... :)

It's funny how... as I read through the stories of lives from all over the world in my journal... I find, among many many other things, that there is a tendency among people that are only beginning the middle parts of their lives, to be angry at the life they are having. I can hear Sheryl Crow saying... (pp) "It's not about having what makes you happy but being happy with what you have." Certainly, personal challenges move people towards goals far better than sitting on yer ass ever will... Most people are where they are... because it's where they went. Don't be afraid of living the life you have... push for more... work toward goals... but being unhappy with what you have, what's happening to you and who's around you... seems wasteful. I have watched the stories of people that prove beyond any shadow that there is hope... women, for example, who were beaten down by horrid husbands, left alone, burdened with debt, and the struggle to be a parent and have any kind of a career... who have climbed up beyond their wildest dreams. I've seen love born in the ashes of shattered lives, desire rising through broken egos, and almost unbelievable personal achievements; losing weight or regaining self confidence... people that don't give up... who just work it until they can enjoy it.
I don't know where I'm going here... but I believe in people... I believe every one of us has the capacity and ability to love and accept happiness into our lives.
And you know... almost anyone who can read this... is somewhere vastly better than where a majority of the people on this planet are today.
Let yourself be happy.

Do you realize how close we are to the release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?????? OMFG... !!!!

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