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Monday, October 24

Phew... what a night. But that's over and it's a new day.
Of course starting it at 6:45 is feeling a lot like the middle of the freaking night.
I need to get more sleep. Of this there can be no argument...
I'll shoot for 1:00 am consistently and see how that goes.

It was raining last night and it dawned a little gray and drizzly...
But mostly it dawned c-c-c-c-cold. I put the big electric blanket on the bed Saturday night.
It's a king sized bed... and a "big king" if that makes any sense. Ikea has their own ideas about what "king size" means.
So I got Z a king sized electric blanky last year at christmas... two "controllers" ... one on each of our bedside tables. :)
It is... glorious. Period.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers... I know I know... pleats... so kill me...
~ black... still rather "jet" actually... t
~ black and blue dress shirt - no tie so the black t works ... :)
~ full throttle recovery zone... life deserves to be lived... not worried about.
~ get draft one of my first report sorted...
~ get started on a company "performance appraisal" cycle... (hate this... hate hate hate...)
~ gotta talk to a man about a horse...
~ to send a few good vibes out to canuckgirl... because Friday tends to arrive.! :)
~ to congratulate kitiara... just as a "wow" moment about her strength of character. !!
~ some people would exercise restraint. Not sure if I'm thinking that applies to people "who think they can"... or the people that are ready to drag down those people when the fact that "they can't" is obvious. Cryptic ... yes, but meaningful! :) Here's the idea... "just because you can... is not always a good enough reason to... whatever...."

Birthday moment...
Dear sylph... aka Carole... happy birthday distant and no longer reading sugar. I know you wont see this... but I wish for you the best of health and happiness anyways. :)

K, you soooo gotta be a Canadian to know anything about this one... but there's this guy... Svend Robinson. He's a NDP flavoured politician... that's hard-to-the-left, historically steeped in Union sympathy zone... (no longer... at least not much). Anyways... this guy was one of the first... if not "the first" canadian politician to leap out of the closet and prance across the political landscape the a nice hair cut and good suit... He did a reasonable job I suppose. He played his gayness into the campaigns whenever possible but he hit his glass ceiling when he (not joking here) stole a 10+ thousand dollar diamond ring from some auction house ... for no freaking good reason other than the ol "oh look... shiny..." thing. There he is on the radio after he was caught red fricking handed ... practically in tears admitting he has a "problem" (Gee Sparky... d'ya think?) and then resigns his position holding public office.
Well he's announced his flowery, happy moment of re-entry into the political vibrator in Western Canada. Let me just say... Svend? Nobody cares about your gayness... You can ride the big pink tower of power all ya like fella... But why oh why would we want a confessed psycho, convicted thief in Office? What's your slogan gonna be??? "Hey... At least I admit I'm a thief!"???? Dude you are sooooo not gonna make it.

And there's Jerry Fallwell (at least, I think it was Jerry... it might have been Pat but... I think it was jerry) on the radio saying (and I'm sure I'm paraphrasing), in response to the question on CNN about "is god mad at us?" (all the storms) that "no... he's not mad at us.. a little disappointed probably... I mean he gave and let us kill his son to show us his love..." (which had me gaping at the radio) and then he said something about "the Myth of Global Warming." bwwahahahahahahaha...
K... I love how christians draw strength from all the god stories... but the one where he had a son and then let him die for our sins is just so amazingly ludicrous that it defies all possible logic. Holy circular logic batman... Stuff like that just makes the Flying Spaghetti Monster story so much more believable.
But... but but but... forget all that for a second. What was that bit about the Myth of Global Warming???? Is it the churches position that there is no issue with global warming? I mean, if there is a god, and he actually gave a poop about weather... he'd still need some mechanism to enact his will... hence the impact of global warming. I mean... seriously... is it the goal of the church to just look stupid all the time by denouncing the sciences every time they get the chance?

Two things!!!
~ Medium... the TV Show... when the little girl was practicing her reading... and she was doing the sentences about Nan.... "See Nan run..." stuff. Not only was that cute... but anybody with kids growing up through public school... knows exactly who Nan is. :) I love that ... :D :D
~ The tidal wave of miniature chocolate bars that washes over our culture when the Halloween thing kicks in... is just glorious. Fattening... clearly not the good kind of Cholesterol... but still a great load of fun. :)

Oh look... a mini kit kat... :)

See ya.

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