Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, October 21.

brrrrrr... No really, I mean... BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

I know in the darkest parts of winter this would be considered a lovely morning... but for now... when there's leaves on the trees and green grass... the thick layer of frost on my car speaks of long shivers and cold fingers. brr!!

Up on time and moving well through the process. Geo is a real self started ... and I've not been letting Ed's "I hate mornings" vibe wear me down, so morning have been going well. (in fact... I've been flipping great with the pre-set the coffee maker and make kids lunches the night before zones!! - go me. :D)

However, at the last moment ... car warmed up and de-iced... I changed plans and stayed in the home office. All I'd be doing is putting close to two hours of my day into the car - and out of the gas tank, spending money on parking, and paying for coffee... all so I can crack open a text book and write up a few pages of notes on the subject at hand. Dude... I can do that here.

So now the sun shines and I am in front of a window ... lovely.

~ blue ftls
~ [ :: beige p-z jeans ... :: ]
~ blue b.u.m. t with a big warm dk blue turtleneck
~ was gonna go in... but I need to be home early and all I have to do today is read more of this text book and get some notes sorted... so...
~ staying in my "telework" office to work.
~ write about Survivor at some point...
~ go to see the builders at the end of the day and ... (the biggie) sign on the dotted line.
~ internalize the gravity of that signature...
~ back to future shop to return the Lyra. Tried again... still a no go.
~ and enjoy a friday night.
~ for things to brighten a little on the canvas of mspish's picture
~ that my hawaiian princess... sirenity has a wonderful week in store... :)
~ to thank you guys for all the MP3 player feedback... most helpful!!
~ and to congratulate ladyfire on the goal zone... beach it up, south girl. :)

News reports last night... Fuel markets are down and per-barrel prices lower, as demands for oil drop.
See that's what it's all about... for now. It's a non-renewable resources... so we are screwed in the long term - no question, no debate. Anyone who smokes, and on a week long camping trip looks at the last five smokes with two days still to go knows exactly why that is. However... this is more about NOT GETTING HOSED AT THE PUMPS. When demand drops... prices drop. Supply and demand, as an economic model has told us this for decades!!!
So what I'm saying is... all those SUVs... owned and operated by pencils with desk jobs that live in the burbs with two point one kids, no cottage and enjoy skiing... You're driving the price of gas up for all of us by plowing through gas like it's butter and your a red hot poker. And believe me... me and Chaucer can think of a much better use for a red hot poker! ... and somebody please tell Kindergarten Cop State Governor that he sets a really pathetic example by owning eight hummers.

People who use words like "Abhorrent" and "Reprehensible" tend to be motivated by a self righteous sense of purpose that is dripping in hypocrisy... or a bad case of the stupids. Oh no... frois gras!!! Anne get yer gun!!! (California is set to "outlaw" it). If you farm ducks and raise 'em up then, in the last two weeks before you kill them for people to eat you force feed them something that turns their livers into a delicacy... (not my cup of yummi... but whatever), apparently you're an outlaw in the making. The forced feeding is done while the duck is in a little cage and when the two weeks are done... they do, in deed, kill duckie, pluck duckie, chop up duckie and then... people eat duckie. Oh wait... but veil... that's baby cow... force fed while living in a box. bah!
Well everybody is having a fit about this.
And then they BURP up some chicken. Or perhaps a lovely Tuna burp - don't mind the dolphin, ... or best of all... they burp up a little beef, and shuffle their leather shoes, cinch in their leather belt and zip up their leather coat. Animals die on farms... animals die by the thousands on factory farms. Pigs, chickens, cows, ducks, turkeys, fish, ... hell theres a venison (read: Bambi) farm near where they're building our new house and an ELK farm out that way as well... And they're not raise'en them up to give kids rides on their backs.
I'm quite certain I would be sick to my stomach if I saw what goes down in a slaughter house... Heck I have trouble gutting a fresh caught fish. I also know the difference in taste between a KFC chicken and a free range baby that actually tastes like chicken instead of the salt they put on the skin. Yeah... and .. so?
I am a meat eater...
...and I'm not sure how anybody who eats meat can bitch about this subject.
Does the poor piggie suffer? Before you smash it's brains in, chop it up and eat it?
Dude... it's a pig. It may be babe in a movie but the reality is ... it's a breakfast food.
The alternative is what? How does being all nice to the pig before you kill it make any difference what so ever to anything?

Ok... so why would my wireless card report a good connection, 54 mbs and all green bars... yet not let me out? (XP Laptop). the router lets wired connections out...
I have a PCI wireless card to try on a pc... so I'll do that and see... maybe it's some setting of the laptop that I haven't figured out.
~ and vaun... holy pain to get linux wireless...

K... time to get back to it. :)
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