Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ok... so I'm having a wee bit of a generationally challenged dad moment here.

I bought him a curtis mp3 player (inexpensive) ... for his birthday.
I bought an inexpensive one... because it will be stolen or lost ... period.

Sadly... I could not make it work.
Now... only after taking it back and buying a RCA Lyra did I actually read the manual and see that programs like "media player" and music match, have features that "write to portable". So maybe the curtis would have worked if I had figured out how to do that from media player.
I installed the Music Match app that came with the RCA one... but the plug in process for the specific mp3 player... was not there.
grrr... it's a pain and I'm taking the Lyra back. It too was inexpensive, yet twice as expensive as the Curtis.
However the Lyra seemed "Old Geek" with large lcd letters and hard to push plastic buttons and a camera style USB connection.
Screw that...

I suppose I was expecting it to present a drive letter to which I could copy files.

Bottom line: it doesn't matter if I can read the manual and sort it out. It will be el-pain-in-ass for Geo to sort out and use on his own.

I use iTunes for most of my computer based music needs... but the fricking cheepest iPod shuffle is still over 100$ (Cdn$).

So ... what type do you use?
What app do you load and unload music with?
I suspect I will just get him an inexpensive cd player and let him continue to burn cd's from iTunes. He's become proficient with that.
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