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Hey Lj... I'm a dancing all over... (ok, not so much.. kinda tired-as-hell actually! :D)
But it's 2:09 am. and like 2 minutes ago I managed to solve the last of Mr. Murphy's rantings... all the little nigglin details that cropped up trying to rebuild my firewall server with Linux RedHat 7. The dam thing would not recognize my older ISA 3com NIC... I finally worked around that and voila.
I know, no big deal. But at least now I can get back to work on the graphics for the web site that will have my Cam integrated... (hehehe :DDDDD <-- can ya tell I'm excited... no seriously I cant wait!)

CAM Question!!
I'll go check Kathleens thread of advice for her cam for the software titles that peeps were recommending but can anyone tell me if these apps are what you use to push the regular cam shots up to your web server? or just manage the cam shots...? ahhh maybe that doesn't make sense.? All I've done so far is load up the software that came with the cam and it's pretty basic integration stuff.

Hockey Game tomorrow... Back in the company Box at the Corel Center
(yes I'm gloating a bit... it's a sold out game and this one is a reward from the bosses boss to our team so YEA!)

So later Lj and be nice...

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