Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, October 19

Up on time... showered, shaved and ready to go... but what is that? That wee hoot? That enormous hoot? sigh.
Suz works today so I'm staying home with the sick boy...who really shouldn't have gone anywhere near the school yesterday. grrrrrrr!
I'll see what I can get done for work today... and maybe do a roast. :) ... and take care of the sick guy... (who's playing toon-town beside me right now, btw)

It's rainy and cloudy today... oh, and I wanted to send some thanks out to the cute little puppies in the hood that managed to knock over both garbage cans (it's garbage day so they're at the end of the laneway*) move the dry garbage to find the kitchen bags below, rip 'em open and spread sick, yucky, grrrrrross crap all over the place. Cute little doggies that should be chained in their owners yard in stead of roaming the streets at night...

I went to my moms last night... removed all the cables, wires, bits and pieces and boxes from her older computer. The new dell inspiron sits there now and looks lovely with it's wide screen display and the groove station ms wireless mouse I got her to go with... I love how "clean" a lap top can look on a nice desk. :)

~ green ftls
~ jeans
~ t and a hoodie...
~ sigh... home for the day.
~ write up a couple of sections of my report for work...
~ ice a lot of cup cakes...
~ write about AR at lunch...
~ get to the post office...
~ get to future shop later to pick up something we're getting geo for his b-day
~ LOST tonight... :)
~ that phej gets his domain back!!!
~ for the notorious girl (nbbmom) to catch a break...
~ to send out big thank you!!!'s to tonya... I got the picture of ze-josh!! (and family). :D
~ and that kimmellee ... could find the zzzzzz's.

Birthday birthday... you say it's your birthday
~ Today is kitiaraSarah-Connor's birthday!!! May you find peace among the mexicans... and arm them well against the coming storm. Just say No to The Machines!!!
Oh... and Happy Birthday to kitiara too... I do sincerely hope the year ahead keeps you healthy and held by the love in your world.

The radio told me that Wilma was a cat 5 ... dude... !! I hope my friends in florida are going to come through this next one ok. Inland living must be sounding so good to some folks down south... sigh.

Dear Air Link Inexpensive Wireless PCMCIA card;
You suck. And ... now that the warranty period with the ass-hole vendor I stuuuuuupidly bought you from is over... it's really cool to find out that you actually don't work with Linux... You suck... and I'm an idiot. sigh. I wonder if it will work on my jornada?

*laneway: canadian for driveway... get past it already.
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