Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Excuse me? What did you say your name was? Ahhhhh Monsuir Murphy... I see.

Yes, Murphy was visiting last night... I got everything backed up, and found that the CD player in the firewall was TOAST. So... it's off the re-tread pc parts store for me today.

A little bit of Ed-lette! (hi allyn)

Me: "ahhh... sheesh. I gotta go see Dr. Rae about this dam lump..."|
(no biggy just a protien deposit)
Ed: "why? You going to Dr. Rae... You need Glue?"
(when Ed fell a few weeks ago and put his tooth through his lip the doc used surgical glue to seal the wound)
Me: "No... no glue for daddy..."
Ed: "You need a Snip Snip?"
Me: "huh? what's that Ed?"
Ed: "You need another Chop Chop?"
Me: Totally collapse in laughter...

Ed is very much aware - and willing to share will all that will listen - that daddy recently had a little Snip Snip... a Chop Chop... Ahhahahahaa...!

Geez... Kids.


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