Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 16

~ yeah, me a buggs... just chill'en on a frosty, windy sunday morning.

Yesterday was a total new-house-stuff day. We met with the builders again to sort our some changes to the floor plans and get more costs sorted. It's hard to describe the incredible high I leave those sessions with. I'm about as excited as it's possible to get... and the house is still a year away.
We took the kids with... letting them play at the park in the neighborhood and then running around one of the builders models while we reviewed things.
This is a big step... starting to let them in on the deal. Not completely but... opening the ideas up.
We did that... and when we stepped outside ... we were greeted with this gorgeous double rainbow.
Pictures don't do it justice.

~ we took that as a good sign. :)

~ pj pants
~ very old sweat shirt...
~ bathroom cleaning...
~ taking care of Geo - he woke up with a horrid cough... asthma attack zone and all that... poor little snoop!
~ more cleaning... more moving furniture... we're getting rid of stuff, so I have a lot to move into the garage.
~ making a big pasta dinner...
~ You could all enjoy the photographs that balljar posts in his journal (public!!) as much as I do. :)
~ and then again... you could also find the same sort of pleasure with a visit to kaylee's journal. :D
~ to welcome pixiecup home...

Birthday moments...
~ From way back on the 14th... Happy late Birthday Luna... (lunaobrien)... may you and your growing family be held in the hands of good health all year.
~ and yesterday... three lovely ladies having birthdays...
honuhoney (little miss Arizona), you're a treat and I do hope you had a wonderful day!
talashandy (miss wonderful) happy birthday sweets... my wishes for you... never end.
and jaggedpill (and super mom!) ... smile mommy... babies gonna grow too. :)
~ and today...
My long time friend, Mrs. hazeleyedcutie and as a kind a heart as there can be... I hope you have a wonderful year ahead sugar....

Dear Mr. President Poopie Head:
It will all come back to you little george. The fakery, the foolishness, the incompetence and the manufactured wars that line the pockets of corporations that will never be held accountable. History will be your greatest enemy and you will never be forgiven.

wohoooo 53% of Iraquis voted ...
Let me say this... When I was in college, I was involved in student politics and we held these elections for the Student Union board positions. The nature of the voting process was the stuff of annual debate. There was this one year when we debated "mandatory voting". This may, in some cases, be a grand idea but it demands that there is a knowledgeable electorate and a significant process of communicating ideas and information from the parties and candidates outwards. It would never fly in a college setting... mostly because the 10 - 30 % that vote... care... and the rest... simply don't. The votes of those that do not care or understand do nothing but damage the outcome of an election.
While voting was not mandatory in Iraq, the turn out reflects the novelty of the opportunity to vote... but sadly... they (well, most of them) have no flipping idea what they were voting for... It was - for the record - a vote to support or reject a proposed constitution and it was THICK and complicated and filled with vacuous religious platitudes that mean almost nothing except, perhaps, that they will all argue about interpretations for a long long time.
The only people that truly wanted this vote to go down... so quickly and with such an ill informed electorate... was the Bush Administration.

I really need to shower. :)
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