Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday... October 14

[ :: the web site friday picture :: ]

Hola... and welcome to friday.
Today will be spent looking for sneaky ways to play and not work, eat and not worry, laugh and not care and a healthy dose of relaxing and not stressing.

There is rain... endless rain... but I'm not in a chicken suit holding a sign and standing in the rain... so I don't care. :)

We were all up in good time today but I still managed to be late for work... however... I don't care! (last day for this... with the new gig starting on monday!!!)

I managed to drag three copies of last weeks Alias episode down from the wild west... er... torrent land... and *gasp* one of them actually works. So I burned it to a DVD (using WinDVD Creator - which came with my video card, btw) and tested it out on the TV... works!!! So we get to catch up on Alias tonight. :)
(and all that before I left for work? ar ar ar... :D)

I had to count Edward this morning ... over something as stupid as eating his breakfast... - clearly I was forgetting the "don't stress" part of Friday there for a minute. I got to two with him being "Little Mr. Loud" about not wanting to eat... and my being... a parent. "That's 1 Edward... don't raise your voice and come tell me what cereal you want... " (We ended it at 2). Mornings are a challenge. And when I get home from work... he will jump at me and crawl over my shoulders and tell me about his game and and and and ... have forgotten about the morning. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans [ :: see! :: ]
~ a b.u.m. equip long sleeve shirt (warm) under a denim shirt... (warmer) and I'm still brrrrrr (not warm 'nuf!!!)
~ clearing off all kinds of old office things... email cleanup, office clean-out!!! packing last bits of me...
~ working on some more IP from a gig last year...
~ write about Survivor at lunch... (I brought wwwwway spicy "chicken madras" for lunch... hmmmmmmmmmm)
~ home to make something yummi for dinner and visit my mom to help her get her brand new dell lap top sorted and on their home wireless net.
~ ALIAS!!!
~ that I have the sort of weekend I hope for... (I need a good weekend!!!)
~ that the water heater dealio works great for nbbmom
~ and for willedit to find the exact perfect mood match for her sunny day. :D

"The Pandemic Clock is ticking... we just don't know what time it is."
See... that bird flu deal... H5N1 is the real deal... and we're all just sitting around lamenting Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and man-made-Wars but ... we have no fucking idea what "shit" is until this shit comes down and ... millions die. "Negative Vibe" boy strikes again? Look... I'm just saying... You should read about this and do what you can to become knowledgeable about the way to survive a pandemic. Imagine what will happen when borders around the world close. Holy crap!!!! Seriously... I mean... I thought the people responsible for dressing The Black Eyed Peas were nutty... but if H5N1 gets out ... sigh. Anyone who tells you not to worry about this... is an idiot and dangerous. Avoid them.

YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK THIS OUT!!! This is a nine minute video sourced from Google... If you think Motocycles are cool as shit... If you think porcha is cool... GAH!!!!
And PLEASE buy me one of these for my birthday .... mmmmk?? [ :: holy shit!! (ariel atom)! :: ]

[ :: Go to this page... :: ] don't bother reading it ... unless you're interested... but "look" at it. Do you see little black diamonds with white question marks in it as thought there was something weird going on with the font? I get that ALL OVER MY WEB SITE... and I have to and replace characters like quotes, dashes, etc. with similar characters, except they have to be typed in NOTEPAD for them to show instead of showing up as black-diamonds-with-white-question-marks.
Does anyone know how to make this problem go away?
(or... do you NOT SEE ANY of those on that web link?)
Note: I don't see those if I use MS Internet Explorer.

k... see ya... enjoy the whole "friday thing" :D

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