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Wednesday, October 12

Ok... that's it... it's fall. No question. I'm freezing... the car was cold, the air is cold and my office is an ice block. BRRRR!
I start back at a government contract next week... on a gig that will prol'y last till February... and in the intervening time... my office (aka... the igloo) will vanish. Replaced with my home office. and this is all good with corto!!! (ack... talking in third person again... how pretentious...) So all the days I elect to go to "my office" to work on the reports I have to give this client... will ultimately be days spent in a quiet, warm house... with my coffee maker! :D sigh. This is just... wonderful.

I know ... after five years of doing this I should be immune to negative energy... but alas... earwax... I can't escape it when it decides to blow my way.
So I'm just saying... if you're sick of this shit... you really need to go away. Just drop me... i honestly couldn't care less if you dump me.
My current "LJ Method" is to leave everyone except communities in my default view... and when I have time... prol'y four times a day... I sit down, load up a friends page (holds 35 posts) and read / skim it (depending on where I am and who's pulling on my pant legs). I don't even get around to clicking the "back 35 posts" button any more. sigh. So the chances are pretty good that I'm missing stuff you're saying.

We spent a couple of hours with the house people yesterday... We are still a couple of weeks away from writing the check that means we're totally committed to this course. Sigh. There is just so little chance we wont write that check it's silly. I am so crazy excited about the project... making all the choices and watching our home grow from a vacant lot to our dream. sigh... it's quite an amazing opportunity and I hope there are no un-passable road blocks over the next two weeks.

~ blue stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ black t and a two tone dk blue dress shirt...
~ and now? after getting to the igloo... I mean, office... an old-navy pull over fleece thing... brrrrrrr
~ I have a zillion things to do to get sorted for the client start up next week...
~ boss still wants me to finish some IP stuff...
~ write about AR at lunch...
~ finish the cut over to the new hosts tonight. :)
~ to send some very heart felt warm vibes out to my friend Alice... Me and Eyore want you to feel better lil'sugar... :)
~ that everyone... including me... remembers to send my friend kimmellee a note tomorrow morning reminding her that she has a 12:45 pm appointment. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday out to krazyleesa... may the year ahead bring you much happiness and keep you in good health. (and maybe a little travel too ... hmmm!)
Dearest Naomi... (dotcombabe)... have a wonderful birthday... I do so very much hope that you and boy-dot have a great year ahead... You and your art are such wonderful inspirations!!! I just think the world of you sugar-sweet... May today bring you much happiness and the year keep you in great health. :)
And a very happy birthday out to _spentcigarette... to some little Jacqui!! have a lovely birthday lil'sugar... and make the year ahead a grand adventure. :)

People can defend the notions of organized religion all they like... but stories like the one published today chronicling the LA diocese with Cardinal Roger M. Mahony at it's head just burn my ass and release any hold I may have had on tolerance and understanding. What kind of a man decides to forgo his life, love and passion, sex and accomplishment... because he wants to put himself into the service of the lord, his god and savior? Well a very religious and giving man for sure... except for all the fucking loser ass holes who can't possibly fit into society so they hide behind robes and abuse children with their god damned frocks on. The churches ... anglican and roman catholic come to mind... that hide their failures and shield their transgressors from lawful prosecution for the abuse of children ... should be shut-the-fuck-down, their assets sold at auction, and their leaders jailed. And any ass hole that thinks a pedophile priest should be above the law... is not a parent (and never should be).
Let's quote:
"The confidential personnel files of 126 clergymen in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles accused of sexual misconduct with children provide a numbing chronicle of 75 years of the church's shame, revealing case after case in which the church was warned of abuse but failed to protect its parishioners"
[ :: NY Times Story :: ] (yes, the NYT requires a log in... so join it... it doesn't cost anything...)

All the Privacy Geeks are up in arms and waving their flags in Canada today. The feds here have finally gotten around to addressing our outdated wire tap laws, and are seeking to empower the authorities with capabilities that reflect the state of modern technology. Let me just say... the five nation secure communication alliance (Canada, US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand) have been monitoring telephone and data communications for decades regardless of any modifications to the wire-tap laws, so the whining and complaining about wanting to update the laws is kind of a "too little too late" thing from my point of view. I mean... unless you're engaged in some illicit activity ... what do you care? and if you are engaged in some illicit activity... well I guess you get to suffer. I'm sick of sacrificing my security for the sake of appeasing a bunch of panic attack prone privacy nuts that figure they're special. Last time I checked, being a citizen of a country and reaping all the benefits that citizenship entitles you to includes submitting to the decisions that the government makes. If you don't like those decisions... vote... but stop bitching about laws designed to protect you. It's not like they give a shit what you say long as you're not a fricking criminal, terrorist or ... er... well a union leader... or a competitive manufacturing corporation or a law firm representing the political opponents or an interest group representing a minority or special interest or ... or... or... hmm... mmmm... (pause for dramatic effect)... hmmm.... one wonders just how invasive the Canadian Communications Establishment is... But no... I digress... I care about other peoples privacy... I just don't care about my own.

If you go to and the "quick link" button on the main page has the words "quick link" in red... then you're seeing it on the web host. Propagation is taking hold. I've shut down httpd and named on my server and I'll be putting the router and wireless bits in place soon. :D And then setting up the email accounts... sub domains... web stats... gah... it's all such a blast. :D I have to say... it's a relief to be excited about stuff to do with the web site etc again... instead of dreading the next problem.

have a wonderful day... :D :D
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