Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, October 11

blink blink...
yawn... stttttrrrrrrretch.
blink blink...
what's that say?
strain... hmm?
8:05... hm...
yawn... snuggle...
BLINK !!!!

~ bull horn mode... "Everybody UP... we're late, I'm driving, you're dressen and eating ... GO!"


Wake up at 8:05... and having both kids fed... feed me... lunches packed... my lunch made... out, drive the kids to school... drive across the city to work and get here but 9:17. sigh.
(I hate mornings like that.. er... this)

However... my CBC 9:00 am newscast was read by the proper voice... sigh... CBC worker lock out is over... "we will be returning to regular programming starting today" (finallyfuckingly)

~ black stripee ftls
~ khaki cargos of doom...
~ they're not actually "of doom"... I just thought that sounded cool.
~ beige t and a dark blue mini-corduroy (and I've forgotten again... what's this called? pinwale? fabric?)
~ work work work... bah!!!
~ leaving early to go meet home builder people for a little torture
~ maybe catch up on some shows tonight...
~ expecting (well d'uh) to watch Amazing Race... (but... just say'en... "amazing"?? jury is still out)
~ finish the re-coding of the website to be fully supported on the new host...
~ DNS Updates tonight... (post on this later... but will likely be down for a day or so...)
~ to send a big "hey!!! go you!" out to lynspin... way to deal!
~ for the patience of the gods to be with angryvixen... tick tick tick...but sugar... no rush. :D Good luck with the work zone.
~ for ratonil to survive the day without his magic music box!! :)

Proper motivation will always give superior numbers a run for their money.

The current Magic Number in the land of the super powers... seems to be one-quarter-of-a-trillion.
That is 250,000,0000.
That is how much - for now - the United States owes China in borrowed capital.
That would be the cost in dollars (US$) for the war in Iraq. (paid... see item 1 above)
That would also be the cost of rebuilding New Orleans. (unpaid... watch item 1 above get bigger)

Some thoughts.
It's hard to imagine how fun it will be for subsequent administrations (let alone Americas Children) to be so unimaginably in debt to the next global Super Power... economic power broker nation.
When a government borrows money from another country... they are charged interest just like normal folks.
Interest rates are low of late... but they're on the rise.
Just imagine how much money is paid each year to China in interest.
Those that inherit that debt... the Children of America... will no doubt be extra grateful that a bunch of strip bars, and gin joints and cigar stores were rebuilt...
... behind levees that are no larger than the ones in place before Katrina!!!
"Federal specifications mandate that we build those levees to category 3 and not one bit larger... because... that's the rule."
~ ever thought of studying Mandarin?

Why does a business have to "do better this year" than they did last year? If they did great last year... why does everyone have to knuckle under, bite the bullet, tighten their belts, etc... because the company wants to do better this year. This is just a general comment... not specific to any one company. I'm just losing my ability to understand the nature of the business community I live and work in... that is never satisfied with their accomplishments... never ready to reward the people that made last year possible because they are so busy worrying about how they are going to make next year even better.
Sooner or later... the people that got them where they are... are going to get sick of trying to get to where they want to be.

"stop yelling at children... consider it an investment in the future of the universe."
~ see ya.
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