Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, October 10

So yesterday was all about the cooking, cleaning and enjoying family style company. All of suz's family was over for dinner, along with my folks. We celebrated thanks giving, my BILs birthday and the first of a few celebrations of Geo's tenth birthday. He will be turning ten years old on the 20th. But there will be more on that later. :) (I cannot believe he is already ten!!)

Dinner was a knock down success... The turkey was a bit dry but that's ok... the gravy sorted that out.

Gangs all here...

Appetizer... just say'en. Those little shi-shi-poo-poo "individually wrapped" mini cubes of flavoured creamed cheese you get in the deli? Yeah, so half a cube in the center of a "clean the gook out of a half a mini tomato"... then season it... gah!!! they were delicious.

I took the boys for a hike through a nature trail while we waited for the day to wear on to dinner. :)
A rare glimpse of fall colours, from inside the forest.

Give a kid a camera to play with...

So beautiful... they continue to fill the house.




~ pj pants
~ sleepy t
~ gap hoodie...
~ being a lazy good for nothing all day...
~ likely not having the "lazy" thing work out...
~ possibly work on the central vac kitchen kick plate some more...
~ make a big ceasar salad to take to my SILs for GINORMOUS dinner number two. :)
~ for the choices bitchcakes_xo to carry her and her daughter to the future they have earned...
~ that the very preggers alachicky finds some comfortable positions to sleep in over the last trimester... :)
~ and that teaser finds a nice pair of ear plugs...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to four lovely ladies - who all celebrated yesterday!!! babydoll99_99, hotblue, heatherbell and sugarvaulter!!
and a warm wish out to luv2play... "Bella's mom"... for a very happy birthday today. :)

General Motors... one of the big three. Billions of dollars in liquid assets and a production cycle that is churning out inventory like mad. And they are seriously considering filing for bankruptcy. Why? Two reasons:
~ they are idiots... making suv's and gas guzzling vehicles for the greedy and foolish north american market while the rest non-american auto makers know enough to mfg for a global market that realizes fuel is the big expensive problem that it is.
~ the unions that actually control the entire process have totally fucked their employees. Buzz and his too-little-too-late concessions on the recent contract negotiations is seeing the writing on the wall... but he'll retire wealthy while all those people that actually work for a living will be on-the-street. The problem... (for example) the endless medical bills of retired GM employees and their families that continue to be covered... (a negotiated clause from many years ago). Big honking GM with all it's cash and production... cannot possibly hope to not-fail... How ridiculous is that? The unions have killed the hands that feed them.

The Pope says that there is no such thing as a "kinda catholic". For his papal dime... it's an all or nothing thing. He makes a point of saying that ministers should refuse communion to those that do not carry their catholic doctrine to work with them ... i.e. politicians that support gay marriage... should be refused communion. Ok... so flying in the face of all the people that say... "Oh my minister is not so hard core..." I'm guessing that the vast vast vast majority of Catholics would be refused communion if their "catholicism" was to be judged before they could play at being catholic next sunday.
What I take from this is that... The catholic church is actually owned by the people that go to church. The idiots that run the place... big hats or red capes... live in their own world and are totally disrespected by the seething masses ... even though most of them would deny this like mad, kiss the guys ring and kneel with glaring hypocrisy if they were ever called before him. Ownership ... does not make it ok to let the managers be horrible. Consigning sub-saharan africa to a slow torturous death from Aids because you wont condone birth control... is - in fact - horrible. Forcing old values on a world gone mad with progressive thinking about freedoms and fairness and equality.... is horrible. "Oh I'm a catholic but I don't do what the pope says..." hahahahaha... "Well no... but I like my church, the minister and the people there... we form a community of support and care for one another..." Works for me... but your fooling yourself into thinking your a catholic and you simply lend authority to those managers doing their horrible things by your silent acceptance of their behavior.

I should have my domain over to the web host later this week... (very excited)... :D :D

Ok, see ya... have a great monday... (sigh)
~ and if you're canadian... enjoy the day off! :D
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