Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, October 9

It's Thanks Giving Sunday here in the frozen north...

why is that boy smiling?
no good reason... maybe he's just a happy human?
or maybe he just realized his hand smells like onions...

Turkey stuffed... 15 lbs and waiting for 12:30 to hit the oven.
and much sorting out to do... before 12 or so people show up for dinner. :D

And so it starts!!! It's frick'en cold yo! I actually turned the heat on last night... (sigh)
We'll be skiing soon. :D
... and sorting out hats, mitts and scarves etc.

~ green ftls
~ old, ripped jeans...
~ cap code? cape cod!!! shirt...
~ chopp'en broccoli...
~ cook'en.
~ take the boys for a drive in an hour... just to go see some colourful trees and let them take pictures...
~ have Suz's extended family over at 4:30... for a big dinner. My folks are coming too... there will be pie! :)
~ tonight? We still haven't watched invasion...
~ that my canadian friends are with people they love or at the very least... know where those people are!
~ to give thanks...

What am I thankful for?
~ the continued good health of my children
~ the love of my family and that we have all stayed close in spirits and ... location.
~ for the love of my wife and her dedication to our family.
~ for the chance to be a loving father...
~ and for the opportunity surround my heart with friendships.


~ dusk last night. Big sky... like a landscape that just went on and on.

The word "atheist"... is just a term made up by religious folk to describe the people who refuse to buy into their delusions.
In fact... the word is almost an insult.
It's like... we need a word to describe people who don't believe in... what? a christian god?
I read a blog somewhere that asked (and I'm paraphrasing) the fabulous question... "So what do we call christians that don't believe in Thor? That's a god... What's the dif?"

Life without friends... is just life. But with friends... it's Life-a-Go-Go.
... and everything's better when you tack on "a-go-go"!!

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