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Geezus bloody hell.!!!! WTF did he push that button for.
Oh my god... this is almost insulting to the viewers ...
expecting us to believe that they are all such horrific suckers?
Trained monkey pushes button...
good monkey... good monkey...
here's a cookie.

but wait...
There are others... some of the cast... off on their own.
Perhaps they are not as butt hole stupid.
Alas... ear fucking wax.
Oh look... a healthy, muscular, woman tossed in with the
retards from the raft and they... trust her!

That's it!!! Line them all up and turn the damn hoses on!

gaaaaaaaa!!!!!! kill kill kill

sigh... I want a character to be at least moderately intelligent.
Someone to perhaps be a foil the vastness of the others stupidity.

Ok ... thank you.
I needed to get that out.
And, of course, I'll push the button next week and watch more.
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