Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

oyi... long day.

very tired.

Some randomness...

~ Dr. Mengela... (I should be nicer, he was very kind)... assessed and then referred me off to an oral surgeon.
That story will take a while to sort itself out. I (expletive) hate dealing with dental issues...

~ house zone continues to baffle.
when I look objectively at our conversations... I know there is no way we wont be "going for it".
But for now... we keep whittling away at issues to make sure there are no mind killing problems...
er... besides having to become bank robbers.

~ Opera and her faith hill episode... That mommy / song writer girl did us both in with that song about Ruby. geeeez!

~ there are some fricking amazing amazing amazing... unbelievably amazing houses in the zones north raleigh NC... holy schmoly!
Looking at those from 800 feet up (google earth) ... is enough to kick in the "Total Perspective Vortex" like vibe... sigh.

~ magma kills Simpatico when it comes to how much it costs a year to have 3.0 Mbps highspeed for a year.

~ and I'm going to bed. :) night.

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