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Monday, October 3.

am I not just the ultimate in thexay beasts... :) ar ar ar ar...
(the "ar ar" thing is supposed to be said with Mr. Crabs voice from sponge bob... just say'en...)

Sunshine... cool air... and not much wind. A nice wake up...
I let my little z just snooooze as I shuffled myself and the boys through the morning routine.

We watched Desperate and Invasion last night.
Can I just say... Teri - Ms Pathetic - Hatcher needs to realize that having her hair done 11 times per screen and having a fan gently blow your hair back every other minute and orchestrating your character so she can shake her titties... will simply not suddenly make you stop looking like an anorexic skag ho.
(and "invasion" needs to pull a rabbit out of it's plot hat next episode or I'm bailing... along with, I'm sure, millions of other viewers).

~ dk blue ftls
~ khaki cargos... love them!!!
~ gray t and beige short sleeve dress shirt...
~ tommy sweater waits for me to figure out if I'm cold or not...
~ sigh... work work work... an den
~ an den? an den? an den?
~ off to the periodontist... ahhhh (see below)
~ a bunch of house related math homework
~ to just send a few slow squeeze type moments out to thisismostlyme... just 'cuz.
~ ouch ouch ouch!!! arlyn gah... i hope you find some relief sugar...
~ and just say'en... Dave (o'the wave) you will never run out of people that listen.

birthday moments...
03: purrs - A very Happy Birthday out to x. Stacy, I hope this is a wonderful year for you... I'm sure you wont see this... but that's prol'y because you're living the life I wish for you to enjoy. :)
And a happy birthday out to a girl names suzanne... she's on the edge of the 'Peg... winnipeg.. and I know for certain you'll never see this. I hope you have found what you are looking for... and that you are happy. :) Have a great year hempychic

News you need: Whitney Huston, to coke queen, lost all her teeth. bwaahahahahaa... "she was booked to perform at a billionaires party in Europe and had to cancel because all her teeth fell out." (result of constant coke use... sucka). Clearly they put in fake teeth but ... I'm just saying... all gums might have made for an interesting voice. Please sit back in your chair and mumble the word "Loser" while trying to remember what Whitney looks like...

So when the doc said "we should replace that old amalgam filling with one of these new snazy white ones..." I made the big big mistake of listening. They drilled out the old.. put in the new and pain became my new best friend. Having no patience for that... I went back and they found the need to go all root canal on me. So, fine... I'm all scared of dental stuff but, do what you have to do... So they do. and... it still fucking hurts. Now it's not supposed to hurt because ... root canal = remove everything living that could possibly hurt. Yeah, well a plaque on the wall about plaque on teeth... does not make you a brainiac... period. Root Canal number two, same tooth (sigh) reveals... something called a "resorption". A tooth, for some reason, on rare occasions, just decides to eat itself. This is fine because usually you can just drill out the spot and fill it. done. Sadly... my "spot" is exactly half on the tooth and half on the part of my tooth that is below the line of my jaw bone that the tooth sticks into. Add to the fun... my tooth is mightily pissed off at all the attention and has ... cracked. Bottom line... next time they touch that tooth.. it will shatter. So it has to be replaced. A bridge just harms the good teeth on either side... so they're talking "post" to support a fake tooth (it's upper middle left so I can't just ignore it and leave it empty). Sadly ... the post would need to "sit" in more bone than I have at that specific spot on my face. So they have to a) grow the jaw bone up into the sinus cavity and b) move the sinus cavity up to make way for the bigger jaw bits. Please join me saying WTF?????? sigh... I hate dental things... hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate... (and it scares the shit out of me for fun too). I have had every weird thing you can imagine go wrong with my teeth and I'm getting sick of it. I see the perio-mengela-dontist today to learn about how this all has to happen. Fun eh.

I'm still over the top jazzed about the freaking logo stamped on the darn shark in Lost. Freak you out or what????

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