Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

the tape method.

(yes I've posted about this before... sue me... :D)

A seemingly silly post...
... but if the idea is of use to you...
Then it's an immensly useful post. :)

Job Jar Item E) for the day... putting up a little hanger thing in Ed's room.

A border we put up forever ago is ripped a bit below the light switch... from little hands that used to jump for the switch.

The location.

With spots to drill marked on the wall...put on the tape!

... and then drill!!

resulting in this... (instead of a mess on the floor)

and then I hang up the hooky thing. :)

(and [ :: here is a way short :: ] little move of the complex clean up process after using the "tape method". :D
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