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honk honk...

I'm getting to that "honking" phase of my cough... lovely eh? I am such a prize.

~ a big smile 'cause I installed my cam last night...
~ a furrowed brow 'cause my web server is toast until I re-install linux...
~ grey boxers, jeans day (Friday!), maroon long sleeves, and dem shoes! :D
~ to rip the ears off a rabbit (ewwww ... come on, this is figurative. Sheesh)
~ finish up the S2 Update (hehehe)
~ to get off ... no, get off work! (stop that.. it sux to be me :D) early to go to dinner with friends.
~ that I read on Lj about Billijean's little guy being all better from that flu...
~ I actually manage to get that rabbit fully out of the hat...
~ that my pal in england gets some good news for a change...

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