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It's Friday Baby... Serenity Now!!!! oh, September 30... :)

K... all bedda now!!! Well sorta. Man I know some outstanding geeks. (you guys flippen rock man... what can I say?).
I've got a fantastic login sentry running... I'm way closer to having my web server (apache) protected (chroot) and ...
I'm still going for a hosting service. but I definitely need space...
I pared down the files on my web space and minimum is 755 megs... but ... I'll need to shop for at least twice that.

Holy cow man... it was freaking cold last night!!!! and, of course, we left a window open, so... ... brrrrr!
Noting, of course, that the "bedroom brrrrr" factor has a direct relationship with the likelihood that people getting out of bed to turn off an alarm clock will climb back in said bed... :)

So... can anyone send me an mp3 of "crucial" by K-Os???? Hmmmm???? (

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans... [ :: comfy jeans... :: ]
~ hurry the heck* up and finish my current document (project stuff at work).
~ write about survivor at lunch...
~ do a little side project with some pictures for my boss at some point...
~ pizza for dinner...
~ JOSS WHEDON after dinner... bwwahahaha... (maniacal laughter goes here!!!) Could I be more excited about a movie? Dude... NO! :D hahahahaa... Serenity Now Baby!!!! and I'm betting that River (Summer Glau)... as an actress... is going to break out after this.
~ you all realized just how amazing raylenetaskoski is...
~ that thatthingido enjoys today... I remember day one there sugar... :)
~ to point out that I am damned happy nbbmom is not my ex wife...
~ for a little good karma to wrap up kimberly27616
~ and to send my very best wishes, love, care and all that stuff out across the oceans to ninneviane...

It took me a moment to notice that rocketboom was doing... 1979. :)

If people would only try a little harder to remember that they really only have the one life to live,
Would they get into more trouble reaching for the apples on the branch above?
Or would they stop looking for a ladder, grab the apple they can touch and get on to the next bit of living?
Look in your hands... hold them up and consider...
Are they empty for want of apples out of reach
or are they sticky with the juice of the life your not wasting?

Why do I feel things with so much... feeling?
Am I slave to my emotions?
Or am I just remarkably fortunate?
When I say "I can imagine how you feel" to someone...
... I mean it.
And when it's bad... I'm a wreck.
When it's wonderful... well, still a wreck but a good wreck. :)
Do I mind?
ha... yeah, right.

"Mrs. Chang... 'gardens looking steeped."

* check me!! opportunity to swear and ... I say "heck". fucking cool huh.
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