Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, September 26

Rain... well ok, so there's a bunch of rain today... but last night? see we were watching Invasion and that show (first episode) is all about a hurricane and our windows well filled with the flashes of lightening and thunder from our own little storm. So it was kinda weird... nature was playing along with the show. :)

The boys were totally punished for spending the day (rainy day) playing on computers and with toys but... indoors all day... "punished" in this case took the form of their little bodies refusing to go to sleep until ... like midnight. Bed at 9:30 (ish) but awake till midnight... poor guys. And... AND... the light show & thunder was good and scary. The prevalence of Hurricane news of late plays into that fear factor...

Well we ALL WOKE UP AT 8:00.

We're supposed to be up at 7:00. I was driving the boys to school today. sigh.

~ black stripee ftls
~ dk green dockers...
~ gray t and a beige short sleeve dress shirt... and WHAT WAS I THINKING... it's fricking c-c-c-cold!!!! brrrrrrr!
~ work? yeah... bid boy reads more resumes and scores them... then meets with a team to talk about how to do even more... sigh.
~ squeeze in some time to work on an unsolicited proposal to a previous client to pull me back...
~ read a little bio info on the Amazing Race Family Edition.
~ tonight? Medium...
~ to let mspish know she's loved... :)
~ for a lot of things that have to do with periodic... most of them have to do with hope.
~ to send good vibes out to harleydog... may the rain wash things till they shine...
~ that my friend notcharming finds a door into her life.

Two hundred BILLION dollars later... and the government officials in Baghdad decide, in the spirit of Ramadan... they should let a bunch of the prisoners in Abu Garab out. Please join with me in a rousing chorus of WHAT THE FUCK????. If the cost in human lives... if the suffering wasn't so desperate... the entire situation would really be a big ass laugh. Two Hundred Billion dollars.

A man from the Canadian Petroleum SomeShit Or Other organization was on the radio this morning and I wanted to reach through the dashboard and rip his eyes out and shove them down his fucking throat. When asked about the rapid rise and slow fall of gas prices he kept talking about "well in the retail market there may be some issues, but the wholesale market is north american" FIRST OF ALL... please never ever talk to consumers about the fricking wholesale market again. Don't care now... won't care later... Blah blah blah ... wholesale... north america... GAH!!! STAB STAB STAB STAB STAB...

You have to be mentally deficient to not see that the gas companies are screwing the shit out of us and playing us like a fricking well tuned piano.

The oil business is not run on a "cost" basis... costs, have almost nothing to do with prices. Which, by the way, is stupid ... and amazing, considering that the other businesses in North America that are run the way the Oil business is are all lumped together and called "organized crime". But this is OIL so they get to do whatever they want.

And the next time I hear someone tell the "public at large" that we should try not to idle our cars when we don't need to... and "try not to speed" because these things "waste gas" I think I will explode!!!!! Die you mother fucking crazy ass wipe insanity case. How dare you tell Joe and Jane average who are struggling to make house payments, save something for their kids education and are driving around in little 4 cylinder cars, that they have to TRY NOT TO IDLE!!!! The amount of gas consumed by the SICK URBAN VEHICLES (SUV) as per the grand plan of the auto manufacturers to convince every north american that they NEEEEEEEEEED a car that can race across the Baha or pull a tree out of a river is just insane... And I haven't even mentioned the amount of fuel consumed by Aircrafts, the military, ocean liners... dear god... do you have any idea how much fuel a 737 uses to fly from Ottawa to Toronto? And I should be worried about how long I idle my honda civic?


You know... I'm getting sick of having a linux server and relying on it to support web sites, email, and internet connectivity. I pay about 54$ (canadian) per month to have a STATIC IP ADDRESS and I register that addi to my domain. I can have an ISP host my web site, with a dozen domain email accounts and a half dozen ftp accounts on a service that definitely has better upload speeds than I can ever hope for and it will only cost about 24$ per month. Then... for another 20 - 30 per month (oh look... $54 again) I can get a dhcp adsl or cable delivered IP connection for surfing and run that through a linksys or other home router and I'm golden... I'm not sure why I torture myself with keeping the server working properly.

k... all done... phew... that felt good. :)
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